Thursday, 17 November 2011

Handmade Year... Review

Its been, what seems like an age since i rambled my daily musings on what I've made or bought for pennies at the local charity shops.
And the god honest truth is I've done a million times better with it than i ever thought i could after my passion for shopping! The great thing about it has been that i haven't had to curb that urge, I've taken it and used it to my upmost advantage.
Ive bought the things I've desperately wanted but at a price much lower than the high street and ethically by reusing others unwanted goodies.
Ive also managed to fully cloth the girls for the winter in all preloved clothes, mostly hand knitted goodies and huge brands like zara and joules for less than id pay at primark and generally these items look like new when they arrive so everyone is happy :) my purse is thats for sure!!
We are on track for handmade gifts for xmas and i have some gorgeous tutorials to make some really unusual gifts that I'm hoping to carry through to La Chic Unique.
My only serious failure has the been the take aways, we have barely cut down at all, which is a disappointment really but i guess we all have to have a vice!!
After 8 months (give or take) i am a fully fledged convert to the nothing new ethos. I am still finding it very liberating even if a little frustrating at times, like now when i want .. no.... NEED a fur coat for sat and 6th dec and NOWHERE bloody has any! *sigh*
Anywho... i would highly recommend taking the challenge yourself and living more frugally when it comes to clothing and gifts... give it a try it'll surprise you!!

L x

12 Days of Christmas with Aphrodite Wedding

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L xx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Super duper Fair - Winter Gardens Blackpool

We will be here next saturday, please come down and support local, British Handmade.
Look forward to seeing you there!!!

Liz x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

BREAKING NEWS!! - Rockford's Rock Opera

With the launch of its fourth App (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) the amazing story of Rockford's Rock Opera reaches its thrilling conclusion.

Currently No 6 in the App Book Charts this home made ecological musical about and boy and a dog from Battersea how save the world is now challenging the might of Disney in the App popularity stakes.

Created by Sweetapple and written by Steve Punt, this ecological musical story is one of the world's most popular children's apps with nearly 100,000 downloads to date. And, on the web, the audio story - which features music pictures and CGI animation ­ has been downloaded more than a million times.
It's also a film favourite in more than 15,000 schools around the world where the unique story and materials are used to teach about ecology and extinction

As Apple Apps the story is available in four parts. Part One (over an hour
long) is FREE, and Parts 2, 3 and 4 cost £2.99 each.

Co creator of Rockford's Rock Opera, Matthew Sweetapple, said:

"Apps have proved a wonderful way to welcome a whole new audience to Rockford's Rock Opera. As many parents have told us, they originally download the story to keep their kids happy (and quiet) but soon the whole family are hooked. This really is a story for all ages - it's funny, sad and with an important and original message."

The success of Rockford's Apps to date have brought the home spun project to the attention of some big names in the USA.

"I really can't say much at present" says Matthew. "But there's is a celebrity version of Rockford's Rock Opera now in production, featuring some very famous names from the world of music and film."

A film is also planned... So watch this space.

Rockford's Rock Opera Part One App can be downloaded FREE here:

Part Two (£2.99)

Part Three (£2.99)

Part Four - Final Part. (£2.99)