Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Autumn Cool outfit post via Polyvore

Autumn Cool

Adidas sweater

Forever 21 flight jacket

TOMS sneaker

Disney backpacks bag

Watch available from
Jeans available from ARITZIA.COM

*Rushes off to buy this entire outfit!*

Monday, 11 November 2013

Psychologies Magazine - A Review


I had never come across Psychologies magazine before i was approached to review the new look copy. Sure I had seen it on the shelves before but i had never gave it much thought.
Mainly because i had no idea of the content but it just never screamed at me from the shelf, well i tell ya, if like me you have been passing it by, you are missing out.
It is crammed full of news, reviews, books, film, art, ideas ... the list is almost endless! It isn't stuffed full of adverts like many popular magazines, which to me is a massive selling point, there is nothing worse than flicking through half a magazine before you actually find something suitable to actually read.
As i have never read an issue before it had a face lift its hard to say what in fact they have fixed but in my opinion they have struck a home run. Its informative, it reads great, the interviews are relevant, even to me and i aint no fashion mag reader, give me a cup of tea and a craft mag any day! 
Its one of those that you take to your comfy chair, with a brew and a cheeky biscuit when no one is looking and simply loose yourself for an hour, taking in all the beautiful photography and gripping stories, there is even recipes nestled away near the back!

If you want to try a copy for yourself they are currently offering a fab deal for 3 issues for £3, yeah 3 for £3!!! Especially at £3.90 a copy this is one of those deals where you would be mad not to!
You can find it here 3 for £3 offer available at

I hope, like me you will never pass by a copy of Psychologies mag again! * Adds to shopping list*

L xx

Friday, 8 November 2013

Save the Blow Dry - Review

Have you every had your hair done, or spent hrs hunched over the bathroom sink attempting to pull off some extravagant hair do before a big night out only to realise, after you are finally happy with your creation and you've lost 3 hrs of your life and you are now officially running late, that you need to shower! Yeah i hear you all scream in sheer panic! Well fear not, there is a new item on the market that claims to save you from yourself, Save the Blow Dry.
When i was asked to review this i have to admit i was a little excited, i have short hair and with 3 young children finding the time to style or straighten my hair each day is a real pain in the proverbial so this was something secretly i had been praying to the ethos for.
I shower (well if you can call it a shower when you have a line of small voices on the other side of the bathroom door asking where this is, can i eat this, can the dog go out... you get the jist!) So as a mother I'm fairly time strapped.
But honestly, with this i can style my hair at 5am (yeah we have a puppy, its like having a baby all over again!) then shower at 8 when everyone is up and i know i won't end up with crazy mum hair.
Its a beautifully soft micro weave inner that sucks away any moisture inside the cap allowing for frizz free locks and its an epic pink colour with a vintage flower design protective outer, granted with not much hair and a tiny head it did feel a little on the large side for me but for all you girls with long luscious locks there is plenty of space to tuck it all away and to top it all off it lived up to expectations. It didn't ruin or flatten my hair and it kept it super dry and just as it was when i put it on.
I can see this really taking hold in bathrooms all over the world, i mean who has the time these days to waste in front of the mirror, girls there's a world out there to take over, put down the straighteners and don the Save the Blow Dry!
And not just here to make you look fabulous, Save the Blow Dry support Khandle Light, a charity supporting communities in India, providing safe drinking water, each Save the Blow Dry sold through their website directly funds two weeks, yes TWO WEEKS worth of safe drinking water for a family.
Whats not to love?
You can find more about Save the Blow Dry here
Or about Khandle Light here

Until next time..

L x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Project Wild Thing

As a mum of 3 that home educates i think I'm fair in saying that as a mum whatever your situation you are time strapped, there's an endless tirade of cooking, cleaning, tidying, making and unmaking appointments, food shopping, pet care, bath time, homework (i think you get the point!) So where do you fit in the time to just simply down tools, act like the child you really are and get outside, and get dirty?
Well that's the point, something has to give! We as families cannot go on with using technology to replace the sheer wonderousness of outdoor play, yes its scary allowing our little angles (when they aren't trying to murder each other that is!) to go outside alone, or even to have our eyes taken off them for 30 secs, i get it i really do, having a child manage to get out of your house and wander off down the street is enough to put the fear of god in you, i don't think i actually breathed for the whole 3mins it took me to find her! But this cotton wool world we have all created out of our own insecurities is taking away the one thing children yearn the most and that's the ability to learn from their surroundings, there is really only so many times you can play angry birds after all!

So anyway after receiving a Little Dish email i discovered this new project, Project Wild Thing, and this is what they do..

Project Wild Thing is a film led movement to get more kids (and their folks!) outside and reconnecting with nature. The film is an ambitious, feature-length documentary that takes a funny and revealing look at a complex issue, the increasingly disparate connection between children and nature.
And Project Wild Thing is much more than a film, this is a growing movement of organisations and individuals who care deeply about the need for nature connected, free-range, roaming and outdoor playing kids in the 21st century. Hundreds of people have already committed huge amounts of time, energy, resources and money to help get the project where it is today. Which is really just the beginning.
The journey started in late 2010 with film-makers Green Lions exploring a film approach to an emerging issue coined ‘nature deficit disorder’ in kids. A collaboration formed with the National Trust who were also looking at the issue and through the Britdoc Foundation support for the development of the film and movement has gathered along the way from RSPBPlay EnglandPlay ScotlandPlay WalesNHS Sustainable Development UnitTFTWoodland TrustsAMV BBDO and Arla foods.
In summer 2012 Greenlions formed a collaboration with Good for Nothing, helping co-create the foundation of David Bond's nature marketing program, this was supported by generous contributions from the Do LecturesTYF AdventuresEden Project and Al Kennedy.
In the autumn of 2012 the Natural Childhood Summit hosted by the National Trust brought together hundreds of organisations to explore the challenges and issues more widely and collaboratively.
Project Wild Thing emerged and thousands of people have pledged to support the project a year before the film has launched. A Kickstarter campaign raised further funding from hundreds of awesome individuals around the world to finish the film production.
In January 2013 Swarm Partnership came on board with support from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and The Wild Network was hatched. The network is an open, growing collaborative group of organisations big and small seeking to tackle the many issues raised in the film and champion the wonders of being outside. An advisory group was established with the WildLife Trusts currently heading that up.
Project Wild Thing and The Wild Network is a people powered movement, it's success will be down to the actions and the energy of this growing community.
If you want nature, wildness and free-range living for kids and adults to exist alongside an increasingly industrialised and technological society then join us and get involved in making that happen.
See you on the outside.

So sign up and pledge as little as 10 mins per day where you swap screen time for outside time and enjoy what nature has to offer yourself and your children. Nothing combats those stress levels than a lovely walk through the park or a dog walk to the local lake or even as simply as walking home from school instead of taking the bus or car... whatever gets you all out of the house and enjoying each other if we don't make the change, who will?!!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Get the kids warm and snuggly this season with Next

With the turn in the weather, it is now time to bring out the Winter wardrobe! This is no excuse for frumpy jumpers and oversized coats.. Dress your little one fashionably this season, and take your pick from the new collection of Winter coats and jazzy jumpers at Next!

Keep it casual with their collection of cosy jumpers for him or her! I absolutely LOVE this cute cotton patterned jumper for him (3 months- 6 years, £13-14 Team it with a shirt underneath for the ultimate preppy look, or simply wear it on it’s own. 

For her I also LOVE this striped Sweater (3-16 years, £16-22, ). Style it with a pair of black skinny jeans for a cool monochrome look.

Who says warm can’t look good! This Navy and Tan Stripe Coat with cute bow detail is the perfect item to keep her warm, whilst still looking adorably smart (3-16 years, £32-38 

However, if you don’t quite think it’s coat season yet, try their selection of Gilets, perfect to go over virtually any outfit! I especially love this Cream Faux Fur Gilet (3-16 years, £26-32,, which will look fab over a cute dress and a pair of tights! 

Don’t worry, there’s a great selection of Gilets for boys too that come in all different colours! This Navy Gilet (3-16 years, £16-21, is one of my favourites! Throw it on with a pair of jeans and a sweater for the perfect Autumnal look!

I love Gilets! What would you pair yours with?