Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Nails Show 2012


2012 - LAUNCH Press Release
The Nails Show launch is scheduled on Saturday 18th August 2012. An exciting new event in the beauty industry. Creating a spotlight for talented nail professionals and welcoming the general public to enjoy all things nails! 

“Nails have become an accessory, a fashion statement and a part of our regular grooming”. 

A visual, interactive and entertaining event where guests can enjoy FREE nail art work shops, amazing prize give away's, buy exciting nail products, FREE Polish swaps stand (bring unused and unwanted nail polishes to exchange for one you like), have their nails done with a variety of the hottest nail trends to choose from, live singing performances as well as a complimentary goody bag. 

The Nails Show is a 1-day event showcasing nail professionals and their brands this will give them the opportunity to network with like minded indivuals and businesses as well as connecting with the general public and nails enthusiasts alike. This is the first event of its kind! 

The shows highlight will be the LIVE Express Nail Art Competition at 4pm in which the artists have a short amount of time to whip up a creative nail art work piece live! With guest interaction they will vote for their favorite design to determine a winner! The winner will receive a trophy and prize. 

The Nails Show takes place at CARGO, Shoreditch EC2A 3AY a chance for the nail obsessed, polish lovers, those who enjoy taking care of or simply having fun with their nails, as well as individuals who are interested in learning new ways to take care of their nails. This will be an event not to be missed!
Doors open: 11am Event ends: 6pm
Ticket Prices: Limited early bird tickets £7 Standard tickets £10 on the door £15 Online tickets:
For more information please contact: Natalie on
Social media: #nailsshow 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Organix Goodies - A Review

Last week we received this lovely box filled with Organix Goodies. I had thought we had seen the last of 'baby' food and snacks as our youngest is now 2.5, but how how very wrong was I?! These fab goodies are suitable for right up to 3 years + and are perfect when out and about, you have a picky eater that likes small meals or just when you have had the day from hell and the thought of cooking another box of fish fingers puts the fear of god in you.

A few words from the people at Goodies.

Goodies Welcomes Two New Tasty Snacks for Toddlers.
Veg and Oat Bars and Mini Cheese Crackers join Goodies Savouries Range

 Toddling or crawling around all day, exploring and learning new things can use up a lot of energy, so it’s important to keep your little one’s energy levels topped up with regular snacks in-between meals.

Sweetness is one of the major factors putting Mums off toddler snacks in the supermarket but the two newest additions to the Organix Goodies Savouries range are a fab healthy alternative!

Organix Goodies Veg and Oat Bars and Organix Goodies Mini Cheese Crackers will keep hunger in check and help provide your toddler with the energy and nutrition they need.

Goodies Tomato & Carrot Veg and Oat Bars are made with organic dried tomato and carrot juice concentrate with all the goodness of wholegrain oats. The bars are gently baked for a soft savoury taste.
RRP £2.49, weight 6x25g

Goodies Mini Cheese Crackers are oven baked, bite-size savoury cheese crackers made with real organic cheese, organic wheat and rice flours, and contain absolutely nothing unnecessary. They are yummy on their own but why not try a little dip on top if your toddler is an adventurous eater?
RRP £1.99, weight 4x20g

The Savouries range is proving a popular addition to the award winning Organix Goodies brand and is loved by Mums wanting a savoury snack alternative. Jane, Mum to Isabelle, aged 13 months says: “The range is a great way to introduce more adventurous savoury flavours for my toddler”.

All Organix Goodies Savouries come with Organix’s No Junk Promise - which means there are no hidden nasties, just yummy ingredients!

Look out for a brand new flavour – coming soon!

We all like to feed our children the very best and making sure you get the 5 a day and all the other vitamins/minerals/and all the other things you need to eat or you will grow an extra head stuff can be a right battle, and with kids its all about how it looks! There's nothing truer than the saying ' you eat with your eyes' where children are concerned. If it resembles a vegetable or its something that hasn't been deep fried you will hear a chorus of "EEEWWWW" emanating from the kitchen.
However i have found that these Organix Goodies have been great from snacks and good for them too! We don't tend to have shop bought cake and biscuits and the only crisps i let in the house are pom bears so our quick snacks tend to be buckets of fruit so it was a welcome break for the kids to try something that they wouldn't normally have.

Zoe ate the gingerbread men like they where going out of fashion (as you can see from this very fetching photo!), and from the pickiest eater i know this is a massive compliment.
Emma chose the dried fruit and she gave the 'mmmmmmm' nod of satisfaction, and she has become quite the connoisseur of dried fruit lately!
Elissa chose the mighty meal one night for tea, shes the eldest and the most picky about how things taste, she ate half of it before complaining it didn't taste like mummy's stew and dumplings but I wouldnt class that as a complete failure. It looked great when i dished it up, with mini dumplings and veg and it smelt like 'real' food.
We have saved the last few bits for day trips and when i cant cope with the constant "I'm hungrrryyyy" whining between meals!
All in all I'd be happy to recommend the Organix Goodies range to anyone with little ones, they are a brand i trust and the food resembles real food not something you would feed your dog. The packaging is lovely and bright and really catches the kids eyes which in most cases is the kiss of death but with these you know the kids are getting some goodness. I'll be buying some of their snacks again, especially the biscuits and the dried fruit.
To find out more about Organix and there wonderful ranges of baby food and toddler snacks check them out here
There are recipes, an online shop and a meal planner, its a site not to be missed!

Until next time...

L x