Thursday, 28 April 2011

Parenting.. PC minefield

Being a mum to 3 girls of varying ages i am hypersensitive to the political correctness gone wrong.  But i fear it has made me slightly judgmental of others and the way their bring up their children. I'm not saying these people are doing bad or wrong but more of not totally taking as much care of these little packages as they should do. I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm far from it as a mother as well as a person but i do try and live by values and morals and pass these on to my girls. I'm a stickler for manners and i hate cheek, i don't give in to paddies and i always put their needs and wants before me own, regardless of well, anything else really.

My 7 year old is like a waif, she eats like a pig but there's not an inch to pinch yet quite frequently she will ask if she is fat, FAT???? How does my 7 year old even understand what that word means. No doubt from the older age group she shares a playground with. The same children that explained to her what snogging (yes snogging) is and the same children that dress more seductively than i do!
I appreciate every mother has their own parenting technique and every mum has the right to use them but sometimes there are times when i cant help but tut and shake my head.
For instance me and Zoe are strolling through the park on the way to pick Emma up from pre-school. There is a group of mums with about 8 kids all under 4. They seemed to be having a lovely time in the sun, no screaming or fighting just a lovely time in the park, until i spotted 3 of the aforementioned children with their head stuck in a green bin not far from the road. Now it all sounds like a unoffensive children playing scenario but i couldn't help but think that this was a total mummy fail. The park is used frequently by dog walkers, who use said bin to dispose of their dogs mess, drunk teens use the park in the late evenings to give the locals cause to complain and god knows what else yet no one batted an eye lid while these 3 small children where sticking their hands and heads into it.
Now does that mean all the PC has gone to my head and making a mountain out of a  mole hill or is this just something that shouldn't be acceptable whatever the time or place. I know i wouldn't want or accept my girls to behave that way or am i having a total mummy fail??

Now i know the majority of mums out there wouldn't let their four year old where hot pants and a sparkly padded bra but some do, some even think its cute even though it sexualises children and they seem totally oblivious to the social implications it has, not just morally but the well being of our children. these parents also seem to think its OK to have a new baby, naked, out in the blaring sun at the middle of the day and they wonder why its screaming blue murder!
Maybe in a way we are all to blame. We are letting teenage girls give birth everyday, and as i know 90% of them do a stand up job that would put most of us to shame,  but theres the few that don't have a clue and bring that child up like its a toy! Maybe we should be educating these girls instead of tutting in their general direction, surely theres always a story behind a face or situation and given the right advice and support they to could be better mums. Maybe babies should come with a manual of simple dos and dont's. I remember being told when my eldest was weaning, by the health visitor, not to puree McDonald's, I mean who actually does that!!!!! it had never even crossed my mind, i was in a vegetable and fruit day dream until she dragged me back to earth with such a candid comment. When she saw the exhasberated look on my face she simply said, "yes that does happen".
Another thing that gets me is breast feeding. Now i couldn't breast feed any of mine, i just didn't produce enough milk for them so i was left with no choice but to bottle feed and even though i was happy with that, to a degree, some women are more than proud to breast feed and id be there behind them waving a huge support banner! Yet PC has gone so mad that these poor women are frequently asked to stop or leave, cafes and restaurants when they are feeding. Now tell me how you could find that offensive? Cos i seriously don't understand what the problem is. Its discreet and its also better than listening to a screaming baby! I am also appalled that these woman are forced to feed in toilets and baby changing rooms as people find it rude, RUDE are you kidding?? And its always those people who where breast fed themselves at a time when there was no alternative.

Don't get me wrong I'm not preaching, I'm no where near perfect... i am sat here eating cupcakes (homemade of course!) and i appreciate you cant please all people all the time but these children will be in charge one day.. they will be doctors and PMs or more importantly, parents themselves and if we don't instill some old fashioned morals and values the whole would will be taken over by the "Jordan's" of the world and everything will be pink with diamante's!

Shapewear Review for Tightsplease

I woke up one morning, after 3 children and quickly approaching 30, with an unwelcome bulge around my middle. I've always been a slip of a thing, as my mother likes to say, so an extra 2 inches around my once flat as a pancake tummy, was slightly unnerving.
When i saw that Tights Please where looking for some ladies to road test some Shapewear i jumped at the chance in the hope that it would save me from myself, even if just for a little bit ;)

I received an amazing slip by Trinny and Susannah. These body shaping slips come in black and nude and a multitude of sizes from skinnies like to me to the volumptious ladies out there.
The quality is beautiful and the elasticity is amazing! I had to physically wriggle myself into it!! It seriously worked wonders on my jelly belly and made a beautiful flat tummy silhouette but it didn't do much for my love hand

It was however, very comfortable to wear, it didn't hurt my tummy and it didn't make me feel restricted at all around my middle. Being short though and with the little skirt it was difficult climbing the stairs as it was so tight. It looked beautiful beneath a t-shirt dress and it smoothed my figure beautifully..

I love the support of the bra straps to keep it all in place and it doesn't move or bunch in places due to the strong elasticity on the material.
I would be happy to recommend the 
Trinny and Susannah Shapewear to friends and family looking for a way to look trim and smooth and i would highly recommend Tights Please to anyone for their lovely customer service and exceptional postage service.

Thanks to the lovely Lauren at Tights Please for giving me the opportunity to road test this lovely body shaping underwear, it has become a staple piece for me :)

L x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Featuring..... Good books for Tough Times

Good Books for Tough Times helps parents and teachers choose the right books for children who are facing difficulties such as bereavement, bullying or family break-up. A total of 118 books have been independently chosen, and are reviewed in two separate guides- one aimed at 5-8 year olds and one at 9-12 year olds. Both guides can be ordered from Partnership for Children.

Good Books for Tough Times is produced by Partnership for Children, a charity which promotes the mental health and emotional well being of young children. Launched in the UK ten years ago, the charity has already helped more than 500.00 children in 19 countries, and provides resources, advice and training to teachers and parents.

These guides read like a school book fair brochure, they have a little picture of the book cover at the top with its name etc then a little review underneath explaining which difficult subject they address, then publisher, price and the ISBN.
Each subject has a colour coded section for easy browsing and they are really unoffensive. There is a foreword in each guide from a famous author, Jacqueline Wilson is in the 5-8 age group guide and its great to see such famous authors supporting something so important for children.

The guides are totally free from the Partnership for Children website and if your family is going through a tough time i would highly recommend these guides. The books are obviously "support books" so your child would feel "different" by reading them.

For example The Cat Mummy by Jacqueline Wilson deals with loss and bereavement yet to an on looker that child is simply reading a book so need to worry about bullying whilst dealing with these sensitive issues.

I think its wonderful that someone has finally found a way to explain difficult situations to young children without all the fantasy and drama and i fully support this wonderful charity and the work they do.

For further info or to order your own guides please visit

L xx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Featuring.... Blackpool Upmarket

I stumbled across this awesome concept whilst pleading for help on twitter earlier today. I couldn't help but ask to feature the lovely Jo Murray on my humble blog to spread the word to all Lancashire crafters.
So over now to Jo for some little background info:

Basically I've spent the past 2 years travelling & working around SE Asia and Australia, and while I was in Oz I realised that there were a lot more opportunities for high quality crafters than there are in Lancashire - and as a result the small businesses were reaching a wider audience and getting a better turnover from their wares than is possible just from going it alone. So, I spoke to a few crafty pals when I got back and decided to create Blackpool Upmarket, with the first phase being the website where crafters, designers etc can show off their goods for free. The second phase is a series of markets & pop up shops around Lancashire. My working background is sales & marketing, so I'm hoping to use those skills to develop a big network of artisans & then put on some great events!

Blackpool Upmarket is where it is seriously at right now so get yourself over there and have a peak.... Jo is defiantly one to watch for the future and I'm so glad to be on board, hope to see you there!!

L xx

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Featuring...... Natalia Earney

Natalia Lovat jewellery is a beautiful collection of jewellery made from Silver, semi-precious beads and stones, vintage beads & jewellery, up-cycled beads & jewellery and some new bits & bobs mixed in to create stunning one-off pieces of jewellery that are truly unique. 

I have been in love with fashion, textiles and everything sparkly since I was a little girl. My Russian grandmother was an inspiration; she was always very glamorous and dressed to perfection. Her wardrobe and jewellery was a huge dressing up box full of 40's and 50's treasures. She inspired my love for fashion, crafts and all things sparkly and dressing up, as well as taught me to sew and make.

My background is art and designed based and I have degree in Knitwear design. I worked in the fashion industry as a production manager for many years. Through my work I was lucky to travel to India where I would always find the time visit the most amazing shops over flowing with silver jewellery.

My passion for jewellery took me back to college to take up a course in silver jewellery, which I am still attending and loving! I have also taken a few short courses in various methods of jewellery making.  From this new found skill and love for jewellery making, and my experience from working in fashion I set up Natalia Lovat in 2009.

I started very slowly selling to friends and family, selling at small fairs and towards the end of 2010 I set up shop on Folksy. I also have a Natalia Lovat website and this month I opened up shop on Etsy selling just my handmade silver jewellery.  I have also been very lucky to make some beautiful commissions, which I really enjoy doing.

My inspiration for each piece very often comes from my vintage finds; I try not to replicate what you can find on the high street and always aim to have something special and unique on each piece of jewellery I make. Often just one bead can inspire a whole necklace.

The hardest part of making one off pieces of jewellery is I become rather attached to them! I get giddy about finding broken, forgotten about jewellery and turning it into something lovely and new. 
Then of course someone snaps up the lovely new piece of jewellery and I have to wave goodbye to my treasure. But my Magpie instincts kick in and off I go hunting for more treasure to create something new! 

I find is so satisfying seeing someone wearing and enjoying a piece of jewellery I have created. I always make something that I love & don’t want to part with, and then I know it’s something that my customers will also love. 

Natalia Lovat jewellery can be found on three sites
I am currently offering a 15% discount on all my jewellery from today until 17th April 2011. 
So if you are looking for a Mother’s day gift, special gift for Easter, have a spring wedding to attend or just want to get something for yourself, then pop into one of my online shops. 
If you shop via Etsy you can enter the coupon code NLSSOF001 and 15% will be taken off your bill.
If you shop via Folksy or the Natalia Lovat website please leave me a message with the discount code NLSSOF001 and I will refund you 15% on your purchase via PayPal.
You can also find me on Twitter & Facebook

A Royal Knees Up Giveaway from The News of the World

Free Double Party CD for Every Reader
No party is complete without a sound track - and starting this Sunday, readers of the News of the World will be able to get their very own ultimate party CD, completely free of charge.    

Britain’s biggest Sunday newspaper is giving away the fantastic two-disc CD filled with 16 classic floor fillers - including Karma Chameleon, The One and Only, Walking on Sunshine and Don’t You Want Me.   

The collection, called ‘A Right Royal Knees Up’, is available from this Sunday (April 10) with CD1 in a collectible wallet, and continues the following week (April 17) with CD2.   It’s enough to get any party started.  

The vouchers for the free CDs will be printed in the News of the World on Sunday April 10 and 17, and CDs are available to pick up at all Tesco stores (except forecourts) nationwide.  

CD1 comes with a special collector’s edition street party sleeve, with space for CD2 to be added the following week.  The full track listing is as follows: 

CD1 – available from April 10

  • Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
  • Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine
  • MC Hammer - U Can’t Touch This
  • Chesney Hawkes - The One and Only
  • Bryan Ferry - Let’s Stick Together
  • Heaven 17 – Temptation
  • Pato Banton feat. Ali & Robin Campbell - Baby Come Back
  • The Swinging Blue Jeans - The Hippy Hippy Shake

CD 2 – available from April 17 

  • The Proclaimers - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
  • Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a Place on Earth
  • Human League - Don’t You Want Me
  • Kajagoogoo – Too Shy
  • Supergrass – Alright
  • Huey Lewis and The News - The Power of Love
  • Tommy James and The Shondells - Mony Mony
  • Jeff Beck - Hi Ho Silver Lining

The CD will be promoted with a TV advert across both weekends.  The ad continues the comic set-up theme of the paper’s on-going ‘The Big Stories Start Here’ campaign and depicts a guest singing along to her CD during a wedding ceremony.  It airs from Friday April 8.  


News of the World is £1 nationwide and is available every Sunday. 

CD1 voucher valid from 10/04/2011 to 16/04/2011. 

CD 2 voucher valid 17/04/2011 to 23/04/2011.  

This offer is not running in the Republic of Ireland.

Terms and conditions are on the vouchers which are printed in the paper.  One coupon per product purchased, subject to availability, may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, not redeemable through, no cash value to voucher, no change will be given.  Coupon remains the property of Tesco Stores Limited and is not for re-sale or publication. 

And For ALL my lovely readers there will be a chance to win the 2CD set of these marvellous CDs ready for your own Royal Wedding Party, all you have to do is comment below as to why you NEED this soundtrack for your party, winner will be announced monday morning so get your thinking caps on guys

L xx