Thursday, 27 January 2011

Featuring Jess Heath from Raffles Bizarre

Well gabbing away, as you do, on twitter just the other day i stumbled across this really lovely lady, Jess. We got tweeting and I discovered she too makes jewellery, so off i popped to check out her designs, yeah im nosey!! And OMG!! Her statement necklaces are to die for and puts my work to shame ;) So I asked if she'd like to be featured on my little ol blog and here we are. 

Heres a few words from the lady herself...

I've been running Raffles Bizarre for about four years now and am always working on new pieces or jotting down ideas. I get inspired by absolutely anything, I'll be watching a horror film and have to scrabble around for a pen and write down an idea. There's a very diverse style throughout my work from Alternative to Kitsch, Nautical to Vintage. I create jewellery using my own illustrations and photos, by recycling old jewellery or using obscene amounts of pearls and beads. It's a cliche, but there is something for almost everyone, and if not, I also do commissions.

Button bib necklaces
I have a few other button bib necklaces on my website but these two are by far my favourite. They are made entirely out of buttons, in fact I almost completely used up my extensive supply of big buttons in making these. They hang from an adjustable chunky chain and sit nicely across the chest, they're not as heavy as they look but are definately eye-catching. I have plans to make more of these and have been keeping some 80s pins and vintage clip on earrings aside for the purpose.
Nautical button bib - £15 -
Pastel button bib - £15 -

Queen B statement necklaces
Queen B is a seperate collection of my jewellery for those wanting something a little more special. These are primarily necklaces and are made up of recycled jewellery and found objects, both vintage and modern. The price of the items in my Queen B range are generally between £20 - £40 and tend to be my favourite to make such as the three necklaces you see here. I would love to one day be making extravagant pieces like this all the time. I have also done commissions for people in this style where they have sent me their old jewellery, sentimental badges, medals etc and I've recycled them into necklaces, which is always fun for me to work on.
Woodland - £35 -
Circus in town - £25 -
Lost and found - £30 -

Cluster necklaces
I love cluster necklaces, personally I am one for layering loads of necklaces of different lengths, with charms, beads, unusual chains and anything I can find and these cluster necklaces work perfectly if that is your style too. I try and combine unusual charms and favour rustic coppers, reds and browns, but do have some colourful, fun ones on my website as well. A lot of my cluster necklaces will be complete one offs because of the unique charms I find.
Clock cluster necklace - £7 -
Claw cluster necklace - £10 -
Fish skeleton cluster necklace - £8 -

Illustrated necklaces
These are one of my favourite types of jewellery to make. All are made from my own original artwork which are made into plastic necklaces. They are probably my most popular pieces with my customers too. These are three of my favourites, but there are a lot more of them on my site.
Dia de los muertos necklace - £6 -
Goldfish necklace - £6 -
Teapot necklace - £6 -

As you can see for this small selection from her gorgeous website she's not your average jewellery designer and I'm almost afraid to say i have ENVY!! So grab some pennies and head over there for a 1 off piece to be proud of!
Thanks to Jess for agreeing to be featured and dont forget to follow her at these places: 

twitter is


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

fashion... what does it mean to you?

Well this is clearly DAYS late but after watching Mary Portas's new programme the other night I've not been able to stop thinking about FASHION!! i know i know its not something i usually ramble about here, unless its a total faux pas, but none of you will know but i have many a qualification is fashion design and styling and my childhood dream was superstar stylist! but as it turns out that wasn't the path i turned down and many a moon later here we are! But what does FASHION mean to women these days?? I wonder and ponder away many an hour on this as i believe style is something so unique that it cant simply be captured in a few key pieces. Picture the scene, Saturday afternoon in your local shopping centre, now how many young girls are sporting exactly the same top, skirt, jeans dress...whatever!! too many for my liking!! Whatever happened to unique and individual? even the emo scene has lost its sense of individuality as they all look the bloody same too!! Maybe I'm just getting old, i mean i am nearly 30 as the hubby likes to remind me on a daily basis! but as I've grown and matured, like a fine wine of course ;), my style and individuality has matured too. i love my cute quirky skirts and dresses and adding my ever so loved vintage touches to modern fashion, yeah they are all comfy and practical and nothing above the knee (now did i just say that out loud?? i sound like my mother!!) but i stand out like a flashing beacon at picking up time at school. I look round and there are many stylish and well dressed mums there but nothing yells WOW LOOK AT ME I'M NOT BLENDING INTO THE BACKGROUND! Have we all just fallen for that throw away fashion? are we all to tired and busy to care? or is it just that no-one wants to be that kid ppl stop and stare at? Well stop and stare at me as much as you like cos i ain't blending into anything!!!
Now go ladies and try something different today, it might just make your day :)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Sophie Backhouse x From The Wilde Giveaway

Sophie Backhouse x From The Wilde Giveaway

Always Thinkin' have teamed up with From The Wilde to bring you a blinding beast of a giveaway. You can win an exclusive and beautiful A3 print from Sophie Backhouse as featured. The original canvas is worth over £200!

About Sophie

Based in Merseyside, Sophie is one of a rare breed of female graffiti artists. She’s a practicing graphic designer, typographer and illustrator. Not restricted by size or medium she works on canvas, paper a computer and brick walls. She’s influenced directly by nature, calligraphy and many art nouveau artists such as Mucha.

To Enter

1. Go over to the From The Wilde Facebook Page and just leave a comment saying why you think the print should be yours!
2. If you’re not on facebook, just leave a comment on

Closing Date

You have until 31st January 2011 to enter. So get on it and good luck!

More Info

Visit Sophie Backhouse’s blog or follow Sophie Backhouse on twitter.
You can also see more of Sophie Backhouse’s work and other fantastic artists at From The Wilde
Also the fabulous ppl at From the Wilde have given all my lovely followers 10% off for the whole of february with the coupon code 1111 all you have to do is register at the checkout :D
Lets show our support for all the female artists out there and enter this AMAZING comp!!!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Things i bought this week...

This week I've had a few sales so inadvertently treated us all to some goodies, and i even got some goodies for FREE!!
To start my buying frenzy of a week my lovely hubbys valentines prezzie arrived from the awesome @BootiesByDannie I cant tell you what it is or it will spoil his surprise so SHHHH! I will indeed put you all out of your misery after the big day :D
Then Tuesday brought me a fabulous bar of chocolate from the ever so kind @goodnessdirect . Its called Divine and OMG it sooo totally is!! The milk chocolate was lovely rich but smooth and didnt become sickly or over facing and the tiny hazelnut chips where exactly the right size so not to get stuck in your teeth! It was a fabulous treat for a tuesday after lunch and between me and the two littleies it was gone within minutes!! I would definitely recommend this beautiful chocolate to anyone, and its fairtrade AND free from all those nasties you normally get in chocolate, i mean what else could you actually want but more of this stuff??
Wednesday brought my utter gorgeous GIRL tshirt from the ever so talented @acidembrace I was pointed in the direct of this on sunday last week and after a few mins browsing i couldnt help myself but buy this amazing tshirt! It came wonderfully packaged and quick delivery and the perfect fit, you wont hear me complaining but will hear me running back to buy some more!! i highly recommend you check it out, they do accessories, mens wear and bags too :)
Fri brought me THE cutest handmade, from socks can you believe it, guinea pig! In honour of our peppa having her first litter just over a week ago :)

He is gorgeously stitched (even better than mine ;) ) and so soft, he has the cutest little character and the kids keeping fighting over him!! i think we may be heading back to see @DSquiffy for some more of these cuties... for the kids of course!!!
Also on Fri i got my gorgeous print from @MoreThanWordArt !! Im totally crazy about what these guys do, its so much fun as well as being very personal and is an amazing gift or addition to your home, id have one in every room if i could!! Im holding out on a photo purely because i want it in its place before showing you all and ive not even made a start on the bedroom decorating yet! hahah but please do stop by there store and happily peruse all the lovely art, words and general loveliness! 
And to top off my wonderful week of receiving is this...
No not my beautiful 4 year old emma, ive had her a while now ;) but the most adorable Mr Tumble crocheted toy!! The wonderful @BootiesByDannie, the evil temptress she is, started making these just this week and when i saw the pic pop up on my feed i was there first thrusting my pennies in her general direction! We are big Mr Tumble fans in our house, for a many number of reasons, and seeing emmas little face light up this morning was worth so much more than what it actually cost to get one in our home! I think you all need one and should rush over there right now and all throw some pennies at her!! (I just have to say tho his little bag comes off, and hes really cute and i think i secretly want one too!)
So that pretty much concludes my fabulous post this week.... I just hope next week can follow suit or i think ill be pretty disapointed!!

L xx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Our Next Winner..

So a few days we reached our next target of 50 followers, we picked a winner and announced over Twitter who she was and asked her to get in touch.. so as yet no word so im gonna draw another winner!
In other news, My Look giveaway of £25 to spend with is us doing great, over almost 800 ppl have taken part so far, if you havent seen it yet its here  stop by and like or comment to be in with a chance of winning, I  did a lovely feature of the lovely ppl over at @sweetjunkie, really lovely goodies, really pleased i could take part :D, much to my amazement i was accepted by the fabulous ppl at @BrightonPOD where after just a few hrs i made my first sale yesterday, so pretty pleased with that!! I now tho have to try and take decent pictures til i can get the lovely @ShotByLucy to finish off my collection as its ever expanding and ppl are SERIOUSLY missing out!! I made THE cutest jewellery with some crochet hearts the lovely @loves2crochetuk supplied to me you can find them here and a lovely alternative to a regular valentines gift. I am tho dreaming about jewellery again, simon thinks i work to much, i pray its just inspiration spreading! I do tho come up with some REALLY cute ideas just not sure how realistic they are in the real world haha
No more fashion fails, as yet!! hahah I have however recieved the CUTEST tshirt from @acidembrace. I recieved it yesterday, well packaged and quick, no complaints from me cant wait to wear it :D stop by worth a look for girls of all ages  and guys and homeware too :D a full review will be coming REALLY soon!
So my week so far is gone pretty good...for a change... !! Oh and i almost forgot, i bagged a spot at the Fleetwood High Summer Fair in June :D totally stressing as im lacking a logo, tshirts and well stock the way its going out the door so its head down and designing a special range i think so i can have it all boxed and ready to go in plenty of time and so it doesnt eat into my stock reserves, anyone wanna give me some hints id be more than happy to read them!!!
Also looking for some more reviews, had real fun doing @sweetjunkie 's so point me at 'em!!
hahaha keep safe guys and keep reading.... (i started this at 5.45am so usually comedy banter is majorly lacking!!)

L xx

Monday, 17 January 2011

Sweet Tooth.. featuring @sweetjunkie

As some of you may already know..(yeah you know who u r!!) i have a terrible sweet tooth!  My biggest affliction being CAKE! and yes right now you're all sat there thinking god she must be fat! Well sorry to disappoint but no, even after 3 kids and gorging I’m still only a size 8! much to my own dismay!
Right where was i... yes, when i saw a tweet pop up on my timeline from @sweetjunkie asking for bloggers to take part i more than jumped all over it! I’m a sucker for sweets.. yeah defo got fillings!!.. and retro sweets just close the deal for me! then on top of that being sugar free..lets just say i almost passed out from hyperventilating!!! so as you do i answered the tweet and to my surprise they very kindly offered to send me some to try for a review on my little humble blog :)

Well, they arrived swiftly and well packaged, (in fact we where out when the post man came so i had to send the hubby to go collect them for me on a saturday, he wasn't best pleased especially after waiting in line for 20 mins!!) , and i couldn't wait to open them! they are all individually wrapped in clear plastic bags with a fabulous sweet junkie stickers,  they where beautifully box and wrapped in brown paper,so retro and so very cute, i fell in love straight away!
i put them aside for a time when i was child free for more than 5 mins then opened the sour apples... my total FAVES anyway!
Well, OMG they are gorgeous!!! lovely full flavour, total childhood flash backs and definitely kinder on the hips as well as the teeth! 
Being a sugar addict i did worry they would lack that taste and punch of full sugar sweets but i was delightfully surprised that even after five mins of sucking these beauties, the flavour lasts and you really wouldn't know they where sugar free!
Their website is the cutest thing ever! It has a vast array of sweets, all sugar free of course, and even has a dental advice link!! The sweets are all fabulously priced and even with postage starting at £3.95, for how well and beautifully wrapped they came i would happily pay that for a box full of retro sweeties! They even have a request a sweet! How cool is THAT!!! AND... you can even pay by Paypal!!! What more could you actually ask for, fabulous sweets, fabulous prices and more payment options than you can shake a stick at! OMG they even do sugar mice!!
just excuse me while i rush over and spend all my pennies..... see ya there!!!
 @sweetjunkie are on twitter, follow them now and get all your fabulous sweet needs catered for by this fabulous company :D

Saturday, 15 January 2011

what i do..

As not all my loverly followers, follow me on twitter and such you may not be aware of the pretty things i create so i have decided to pop on some pics of my lovely designs. feel free to go to any of my stores or email me to order direct:

this beauty is my current best seller

i love nautical! so stylish n perfect for summer

i love quirky charms made from things that arent jewelery

acrylic has to be my fave medium right now

tho everyone loves vintage :)

paris!! what else is there to say

i love handcrafted charms

another fabulous handmade rose

this beautiful crochet hearts supplied by @loves2crochetuk

hello sailor!!!

there agin with the funky kitsch!

Now you have a general idea of my style stop by and pick a fabulous gift for urself or someone u love! i love custom orders and right now are my speciality so drop me a line and we can design something amazing! All themes and events catered for including weddings.
Professional photography supplied by @shotbylucy, a fabulous girl and a real artist! shes brought the beauty to life in her shots and gorgeous crochet provided by @loves2crochetuk!
If you have a craft youd like to have featured or made into soemthing special get in touch id love to work with you!!
thanks for reading guys!! L xx

is it me???

Another hideously early morning with the girls, a featured page on etsy just gone, no sales for another day and i feel like throwing in the towel!
Everywhere you go online or in store to browse fashion stores, and its there, jewellery just like mine or dare i say it horrible, at disgusting prices yet im struggling to get ppl interested! told me no and it feels much like the straw that broke the camels back. I kno its hard and i kno it needs determination and drive, those i have, but that thing im missing to get ppl going crazy about it, that i seriously DONT have! Im not being greedy, i do ok selling privately and not to bad thru etsy at times but this isnt about money its about noteriety for what i do! i want someone to come along and go WOW! maybe its me, maybe i just dont have that creative spark, that touch thats just out of the norm that get ppl looking and spreading the word!
God i sound like my mother, a moaning old hag!!!
well ill leave u with that, while the future of chic unique hangs in the balance, i know we have all had moments where it all seems a bit much, maybe its 6 months of sleep deprivation, maybe its boredom, maybe im just ungrateful, maybe i just need help i cant get.....

L xx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

not so yummy-mummy

i'll set  the scene, me zoe n emma sat on sofa watching australian come dine with me eating choc digestives, phone goes.... fabulous lis has been sick at school.
As u do u throw on coat, shoes kids in pram..(well the kids in pram part took a while longer than anticipated, emma coat n shoes shes ready, i turn my attention to zoe who runs off leaving a stench behind her, GREAT! chase after fore mentioned stench change and clothes, coat and shoes on)
..only to find emma has changed coat and now has lost the shoes (i think shes more style concious than the rest of us :) )
so finally after wrestling with these 2 for 10 mins we are out the door and power walking the half mile to school. Its amazing how long 15 mins feel when ur picturing all the possible states im about to recieve my daughter in.
Arrive at school, hot, flustered, out of breath and slightly desheviled to find aforementioned and worried about daughter dancing about  full of the joys of spring.
I thank the lovely receptionist have a quick natter n hurry back home full of thoughts of hot brew n finishing my biccis!!
I then unload kids, uncoat and shoe kids and flop on the sofa for a minute before heading off for the kitchen to make tea!! only to realise that i rushed out of the house that quick that i went out in my scruffs, (hubby is on the 12pm start so with no need to leave the house at 8.30 this morning i threw my trackies n an over sized shirt on, only to not offend the post man!)
i hadnt brushed my hair (having a pixie crop brushing tends to be neccassary!!) and from all the naughty gorging before rushing out the house amid these fashion faux pas i missed the choc crumbs down my face! OH BLOODY FABULOUS!! the only thing that made this that little less tragic was it wasnt picking up time!!! I would of DEFINATLY lost ALL playground style respect!!
So that happened to me this lunch time, how was ur hr off???

L x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

time flies...

sorry ive been AWOL for a few days, sometimes life just totally gets in the way!! its been a weird old week already and its only Wed! The hubby got some good news at the beginning of the week, ive had interesting things pop up all over the place (im not gonna mention the paypal rage!), our guinea pig peppa had her first litter of babies yesterday all 4 are perfectly formed and look like right happy campers! Em enjoyed (a lot more than i did!) her taster sessions at pre-school and will be going mon n tue morning for the foreseable! I never thought i'd be saying this considering Em's prader-willi but it never phased her!! I know shes a resiliant little might, always has been, but having never been away from me before i worried she wouldnt take to others looking after her, WELL... yesterday she toddled off with toast in hand n i got  a half hearted wave! Thats the thanks i get after all the years wiping her bum, washing her face... a half hearted wave, i dont know whether to be proud or heartbroken?!
Made my 4th sale the other day of 2011...slowly creeping towards 300! :) had an order through the fabulous place of Twitter after posting a pic of something i made for someone else so cant be bad (tho it technically doesnt go into the sales count until money changes hands :) )
so as u can see i lead a pretty high flyer lifestyle, well if u consider tea and cake after the school run high flyer!! ;) though even with all its ups and downs, tantrums and tears ( and thats just me ;)) i love my life and my ever growing family of factory seconds :)

L xx

Saturday, 8 January 2011


We finally have a winner of the follow and RT comp on Twitter and the lovely winner is @chloejan15 !! CONGRATULATIONS i cant wait to design something fabulous for her :)
Dont forget readers there is still another chance of winning! once i reach 500 followers, thats just 62 away, on twitter another custom designed piece will be given away at random.
And we have another 2 brooches for 2 more lucky readers, the next one drawn at 50 followers, we are already at 22 :)
2011 is going to be a very exciting time for chic unique!
stop by and shop any time at and


Friday, 7 January 2011


well i dont know about you but i need a good old fashioned MOAN!! i suppose i shouldnt really, cant really say i have an awful lot to complain about, we are all (well apart from emma with her prader-willi syndrome) healthy, we arent skint and we're all happy :) but sometimes its the things that dont matter that really bug the life right out of you!
Seting up a ' business' on my own with no help or funding is a bit daunting but ive jumped right in and its not gone t*ts up like i imagined it would and after the storming xmas i had the jan lul is a bit scarey! i have made 1 sale so its not all bad and its a step towards my 300 sales for the year..which by the way now seems a squillion miles away!!
BUT there is also a squillion things i NEED to buy to push chic unique out there! I need business cards, post cards, huge stock supplies, more beautiful photos by @shotbylucy and i need to make a start on my wrapping! But it all seems to be stuff thats just a pinch outside my budget and Im not one to do half a job, i mean whats the point if ur going to do it do it well!!  I seriously dont want a business loan or loan of any kind really, i dont want to start out in debt! and from what i've read grants are out! So its sales sales sales i need and quick!! Vicious circle, better photos etc bring more sales but need sales to get better photos etc.... maybe asking to review things is a step forward in return for honest blogging :)
(NOTE: anyone reading this that wants free advertising for the aforementioned goods please drop me a line :D)
What?? to cheeky???
Hahahaha you dont get anything these days if your not willing to ask!! I also wouldnt mind a celebrity endorsement but possibly a step to far ??? haha
Well so much for my moan, turned into a bit of begging actually!!
Lunch is cooking, kids are playing (im not sure what but theres no tears so im happy), and its snowing outside but atleast we are tucked up warm inside, for now!
I just wanna say tho, ive met some really lovely and fantastic women on twitter of late and its definatly increased my faith in the human race... not all are out to rip you off!
so ill leave it there..for now.. think i hear the timer buzzing...

WINNER @mandy4baz

we have announced our very lucky winner of her choice of military brooch!! well done @mandy4baz next winner announced when we reach 50 followers :)

Reached first target of 20 followers..

The world of Twitter is a fabulous place in a matter of days i already have 22 followers on my blog and 402 followers on twitter :) i feel very blessed to have such great ppl supporting me all the way!! A winner of a fabulous military badge will be announced later today... :D

Thursday, 6 January 2011

follow comp

when we reach 20 followers, then 50 then 100 we will be giving away one of these gorgeous miilitary brooches!


@ms_sublime has announced the winner of my button bracelet over on her blog  thanks to all that took part and theres plenty more giveaways currently running and on the way!!
Photos of the followers giveaway prizes will be going up soon so keep ur eyes peeled for more loveliness!!

Being featured...

SOO.... How exciting are things right now for Chic Unique?? Well to start with I am being featured on a few blogs by some wonderful women, who by the way well deserve a follow on Twitter!!
The wonderful @shellibobbins is featuring me on her blog after ordering a gorgeous pink pearl charm bracelet that we are both very exciting about :)
I did a button bracelet giveaway for the amazing @ms_sublime 's blog when she reached 100 followers and as you can imagine within 48 hrs she surpassed her target!! YEY for 
its a lovely read and everyone should defo follow!! 
I am also due to be featured on @superamazingmum 's blog after she ordered the very delightful Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace and we have joined forces to offer a very amazing Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet that will be on her Blog soon as a fabulous giveaway!
I also have some fabulous flyers going out into @babysigningmum 's good bags for an employment fair she will be attending in Feb, the photos for which where supplied by the super amazing @shotbylucy!
Another blog feature coming soon by @missdolly for purchasing and very kindly happy to review a gorgeous vintage inspired telephone necklace.
And finally , PHEW can you tell i've been busy??, I have a lovely ad going onto @redtedart 's new blog!!!

This is the amazing charm bracelet coming soon as a   giveaway for @superamazingmum 's blog.

And this was made for the very lovely @ms_sublime

There will be 3, yes 3!, giveaways coming soon first for reaching 20 followers and the winner will be chosen at random, photos coming soon! keep youre eyes peeled and pls follow :)

Thanks for reading....

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hi i'm new to this...Be kind!

Well here I am, I finally took the plunge and I've finally set up a blog :) Not to sure what I'm doing right now so please be kind haha
Well I guess I should start at the beginning, the edited for family viewing version anyway ;)
Im 28 (just) full time mum to 3 wonderful (coughs) little girls! The very glamourous and wonderful wife to my hubby (coughs) and the owner and creator of That comment doesnt require the hint of sarcasm the others needed :)
I set up chic unique about 7 months ago now, really because my hubby had been made redundant and we needed some extra cash to see us through so I got my creative hat on and chic unique was born! At first i didnt have a bloody clue what i was doing, we had no money to use as start up costs so with a bit of ebay selling i got the very basics and i began creating!
I soon found i had a flare of unusual and funky jewellery and that people actually liked it too!!
I started selling on ebay to begin with and as prices started to creep up i boarded the etsy train!! fees are slightly lower than ebay and it was easier to capture the right audience and ive never looked back!
i now have my own website emmas attic that i built and update myself, which went live in Nov. Im yet to make a sale through it but im hopeful for 2011!
Selling through facebook, twitter and etsy all keep us going so i dont complain :)
the hubby is now back at work so the majority of the day i spend juggling kids, cleaning, cooking, nap time, playing, school trips, post office runs, photography, making, up dating, deleting, chatting, looking at pretty things.... and so the list goes on!
I hope to see 2011 really kick start chic unique into a real BRAND and ill eventually get my cottage in the country :)
Thanks for listening and ill be back soon with more chatty banter :)