Saturday, 19 May 2012

It's been a while

I can barely remember the last time i sat and wrote a blog post because i was either fired up about something or just because i wanted to.
Things have changed considerably of late, with taking the huge step of finally closing down La Chic Unique and concentrating more on what i need than everyone else i certainly feel more like i wanted to than i hoped i would.
Im no longer making or selling my wares, this has taken a huge pressure off me and given me more time to do things that should be important but never really are.
Just to sit with the girls and laugh about, well nothing really, has made me see that being successful as a person isnt the same as being successful as a mama. And to be honest id rather be a great mama than a great anything else.
Ive curbed my creative passion, ya know that itchy feeling inside that makes it so you cant sit still, by growing again. This has ticked two things off my current WANT list. Ive longed for the opportunity to be more self sufficiant and after the success we had last year with potatoes and peas i figured hell why not, i can so do this! We as a family agreed on some chickens to for fresh eggs so thats been a great experience and they havent even arrived yet! its been nice to discuss things more and taking more time to plan and purchase things has really made me drop a gear which i havent do in what feels like forever!
Our modest size garden is starting to look beautiful and will soon be inhabited with 2 chucks, we are currently "remodelling" our large shed into a play house for the girls which has really inspired my creative side so for once im getting to have it all so to speak.
We have spent a lot of time on the house recently too, when i say we i mean me, making it feel more like a home than a house and now i dont have to cringe every time someone visits! (yes i am secretly very house proud!)
Im enjoying just taking everything back to basics and just simply enjoying life. This is an aim for me, its bugged me for such a long time how my dad missed out on so much from being ill for such a long time. i still miss him, no less than i have for the last 3 years, but instead of feeling sad i wanna do all those things he never got round to or put off for a time when he didnt have to do other stuff.
This has really inspired me to be more inventive with cooking, saying no much less to the kids, accepting that compromise is the spice of life and putting things off isnt an option.
I even said to the hubby the other day, all im short of is a dog and a camper van and i wouldnt want anything else from life. No im not a millionaire, or have the perfect figure of have a "normal family" but im happy in my day to day life, no not happy, content. perfectly content with the decisions i made, the things i have and where im going. Content is nice, its like a spring sunny morning straight after its rained. All fresh and sparkly. I like it. It feels like a long time coming to be fair.
So my advice for you dear reader, would be to sit back, look at what youve got and if its worth keeping, simply enjoy it. Dont make it difficult because you can, dont make it hard because its easier and dont let things pass you by because they are scary.
Life is desceptively short, you may feel at 20 that you have an eternity to fill your life with all those hopes and dreams you have right now but hey.. why do you wanna wait til your 65 to do them when really you can do them right now.  Change jobs, ask the hot guy out, read that mountain of books, learn a new skill or craft, have a baby, have a dog/cat/goffer whatever! just do it instead of saying...' yeah i will next month when (insert crap excuse here) all it takes is setting say an hr a day aside to achieve that dream/hope/aspiration you have been harbouring for years and no its never to late!
So go, fill your life with simplicity, enjoyment and contentment, and most important of all... SMILE! (it doesnt only release chemicals that make you feel great but its free AND its contagious!!)

L xx