Thursday, 2 August 2012

Curtain revamp

Since closing La Chic Unique, i have spent a lot of time finally getting my house decorated and primped and preened into the home i want, my budget has been very small and being as frugal as i am most of our now very priced possessions are preloved.
The man of the house has had an almost obsessive hate about the blinds we have had up since we moved in over 2 years ago so i bit the bullet and tried to find a pair of cute curtains for our newly decorated lounge.
I had wanted some gorgeous taffeta ones, to the floor in a rich cream but sadly these have been out of my budget due to the size of my window! So, as a last ditch attempt to find something as a stop gap i grabbed a pair of vintage floral ones from the local charity shop for a mere £2.
They where cream with a cute floral pattern but with a hideous frill. He hated them and i wasn't a huge fan but they fit beautifully and are gorgeously made and have done the job for the last few months.
However with a little to much time to kill one afternoon i figured enough was enough and something had to be done about them. With autumn fast approaching i have dreamt up this gorgeous cosy lounge for evening snuggles and movies and i went ahead with giving the curtains a make over as my starting point for my autumn cosy hideaway.

I started off with carefully cutting the frill off as close as possible to the seam, with its satin pink strip it reminded me of my grandmas bedroom curtains when i was 6 i still shudder at the thought lol!

Then i used a Dylon Ruby Red machine dye to , fingers crossed, dye them to something that would frame the window instead of give me nightmares.
I had hoped for a really deep red tone to them as the walls are painted a soft grey tone and we have white nets up to the window.
Having been through the washer twice and a few hours drying they have been transformed into these...

As you can see from the photo the colour is a lot lighter than i hoped but they are not 100% cotton so i didn't expect them to be very true to colour, not to mention the pattern! Even though you can still see it on close inspection, when the light floods into the room they turn a gorgeous deep shade against the bright white of the window nets and the light grey walls.

I rehung them the wrong way round so the outer seam would be on the meeting side of the curtain so they now look like a completely  new set of curtains. Ive had two fabulous reactions when i said they where the same curtains, no one can believe five Min's with a pair of shears and a fabric dye can make such a huge difference to a room, i cannot be happier, not only did it not cost me a whopping £100 for a fabulous pair of curtains but i didn't even need to buy a new pair.

And here my window is, with my gorgeous vintage sun catchers up, i love them more than i ever thought i would and with the ease of use of the Dylon fabric dyes i will defo be reworking more in the future!!
Thanks Dylon for the stunning new curtains, i hope you approve.

L xx