Monday, 22 July 2013

Paper Doll World Record Attempt in support of Save the Children

This summer, to celebrate the launch of THE PAPER DOLLS by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb, we are attempting to break the world record for the world’s LONGEST EVER chain of paper dolls! We are going to donate 10p for every doll submitted to support Save the Children’s ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF . . . ‘ campaign, which highlights a global literacy crisis caused by poor nutrition. Julia is acting as an ambassador for this campaign.

I’d love for you to get involved, it doesn’t matter how young or old, we need all the help we can get… Our chain of dolls needs to be a whopping 3kms long – this is 60 lengths of an Olympic size swimming pool, 270 London buses and 11,500 A4 sheets of dolls!

If you’re interested in getting involved and becoming a WORLD RECORD BREAKER (either by getting your child’s school involved in the last few days of term, or simply by colouring in some dolls with your children as a summer holiday activity), then please do let me know. We have templates that we can send to you (both simple colouring-in and draw-your-own) and I can also send these electronically for you to share with anyone else you think may be interested (I’m talking partners, children, friends, people in the street – we need as many people colouring in as possible!)

The dolls don’t have to be back with us until the 28th of August so there is plenty of opportunity to create your own displays with the dolls – why not see how long you can make your chain of dolls? Don’t forget to send us photos or to tweet any pictures using #paperdolls! We’re asking each child to write their name and school on the back of their dolls for a chance to be entered in to a draw to win a piece of Rebecca Cobb original artwork and a chance for their family to come to the record attempt event!

There is just one piece of small print to remember when attaching the paper dolls together – the dolls must be connected by both hands and feet for the world record attempt to stand.

Visit for more information, videos, to view our progress on the doll-o-meter, and to see a gallery of some of the dolls we’ve already been sent!