Monday, 14 March 2011


Beachy Books is a family run publisher of children's picture books. Made by hand, reflecting on family experiences we love to write poetic prose that captures the magic of childhood, nature and family life.  Our illustrations are inspired by our own children and we hope children will be inspired by Jack and Boo, get out into nature and learn.

When this gorgeous book dropped onto our door mat, my three girls literally fought over it, then when they found out it had been personalised for them we had squealing!!

The illustrations are unique and really fun for the kids, even i found them really endearing.  The text is lovely to read and my 7 year old thoroughly enjoyed reading this and asking about the pictures at the back.
It has little beach quizzes at the back that really get kids talking about things they know little about and most importantly asking questions!

As we live by the sea its really fired their imagination and curiosity in where we live. We even had a google sessions to find out more info on the items listed.
I recommend you follow the lovely Philip on Twitter at @beachybooks and seriously check out their gorgeous website
I would more than highly recommend this gorgeous range of books for children of all ages, I will defiantly be waiting for bated breath for the next installment from Beachy Books.

L x

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