Friday, 27 January 2012

Bags for Bag Lovers

Like most woman i have a major bag fetish! I own way more than i have room for and they are all within an inch of their life! Admittedly all are high street but i yearn for a lovely high end designer bag that i could love for years and years!
Modalu have some exquisite pieces for there s/s12 collection and with a price tag that even i could afford I'm frantically saving my pennies ready to choose the ONE for me!

I spent some time perusing the website of all the bag candy and to be honest i could of quite easily bought them all but this little beauty needs to find a new home here with me!
Made from genuine leather and style that even Prada would envy this has my name all over it!

Suitable for all occasions yet simple, elegant styling to be suitable on even your 'down' fashion days what more could you ask for, especially when when Danni Minogue is a huge fan! (how amazing does she look even unglammed up?!!)
I urge all you bag candy fans out there to stop by and have a little peek yourself, i guarantee it wont be time wasted!

L xx