Monday, 9 January 2012

The Gardening Book by Jane Bull

I don't usually buy new books, i prefer finding discarded gems in local charity shops or on ebay but whilst wasting half an hour yesterday afternoon whilst in town this caught my eye in Tk Maxx and at just £1 in the sale i couldn't say no.

This caught my eye for more than one reason and it wasn't because it was a pound hahaha We love gardening and grow a lot of fruit and veg in the summer and the girls really love getting stuck in and the thought of being able to draw some inspiration from it for Home Ed as well as growing in the colder months i grabbed it!
There are loads of lovely little DIY projects that really take gardening to a whole new level I've never thought of before and i I've chosen two of my favourites for you to have a little look at.
Perfectly simple even for the youngest of green fingered boys and girls, fun AND educational.

The first being these totally cute little jar lid decorations, the kids can completely customise them to their own likes and physically watch the cress grow right there around their little environment.

And this one appealed to my naughty boy side, making like a King Kong tile scenario surrounded by plants that they have actually grown.
The tutorials are filled with loads of lovely pictures even children can follow and all there 'To Buy' lists are realistic and you probably already have them around the home or garden.
And lastly its a perfect way or recycling unwanted or unplayed with toys and if your little treasures can't bring themselves to donate something to their very own garden then pop along to your local charity shop and pick up a few bits for pennies and hey presto...DIRTY FUN!
Cant wait to see what you come up with!!

L x