Thursday, 4 October 2012

kinect... a new age educational tool?

As I was born before the invention of the Internet, sourcing information on the goodies I wanted to fill my head with as a child meant bleeding every adult i knew of information or whiling away the hours at the library with my head stuck in books however for my children its simple enough to switch on a computer and reach every morsel of information they could ever require all in one place all the while still sporting yesterdays PJ's!
Now I'm no advocate for the Internet, its not the ideal place for children to be but for its wealth of knowledge I'm madly in love with it. the things I could of learnt as a child if I had had the Internet at my disposal. (insert evil laugh here)
I have also found an alternative to the nasties of the Internet in the form of new kinect games from Sesame Street and Nat Geo TV. Not only do they get the kids up and about on rainy cold days but they provide them with skills and knowledge you wouldn't necessarily learn otherwise.
My little two ones had so much fun in Sesame Street playing with all the Muppet's and not knowingly learning skills and it was a fun change of pace for them from books and the sort.

Our eldest enjoyed learning all about what Nat Geo wild has to offer, not only can you be a bear, yeah that's right BE A BEAR!!! who doesn't wanna be a bear?1 but she also learnt from first hand experience all about Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone Park and that's just the first episode.
Price wise I feel they are more than fair at £20 each, both come with 2 discs with episodes and interactive games on both discs. Each episodes lasts about 45 mins so the right amount of time for children to learn without getting bored and great value for money.
They also expand as more and more episodes are released through xbox live allowing the fun to last and last.
I never thought I'd say this but Ive finally found a game aimed at children that is fun AND educational and surprisingly kinect actually works!
Now Wonderbook, you have a lot to live up to!!!

Until next time..

L x