Saturday, 10 November 2012

ECover Zero - A Review

I've used ECover a few times in the past, mainly for a household cleaner and dishwater tablets and never had a bad thing to say about them so when i had the opportunity to try their new Zero range i was over the moon.
We had the washing liquid and fabric softener and washing up liquid that i donated to my mum to try as we have a dishwasher and well neither me or the hubby fancied doing the dishes by hand!
Ive never used fabric softener before as I've only heard bad things about it and with us all having extremely sensitive skin i tend to avoid it for fear of the kids coming out in rashes and I'm no big fan of my laundry smelling of some faux flower or other but i have to say i am more than happy with the ECover Zero one, it left no smell at all on the clothes, it left all heavy fabrics comfortable to wear and it seems to be lasting an absolute age! i have to say i am a complete convert and will definately buying the fabric softener again.

The washing liquid is fabulous! I've never used a natural washing powder before what with having 3 children aged between 3 and 8 they are heavy on their clothes and never go a day without changing so i didn't want to try something that wasn't gonna get them clean but the ECover has been fabulous! All the clothes come out clean and in some cases it has even removed some stains that I've been struggling to remove with ordinary washing powder. It has been so kind to the girls skin and not one of them has had an allergic reaction to it which pleases me more than anything. And even with *cough* accidentally leaving the washing in the washer overnight the ECover kept the clothes smelling fresh and clean and didn't need rewashing.
I cant praise this stuff enough its kind to the environment, kind to skin and doesn't cost the earth. ECover Zero fabric conditioner in 750ml, which has lasted us almost a month and there's still about a quarter left is only £1.92, £1.92!! i mean what can you buy for £1.92 now?!! The washing liquid for 21 washes is £6.99. This is more than i normally pay for my washing liquid but i would happily continue to pay this just for peace of mind.
Like i mentioned before my mum gave the washing up liquid a go and being slightly OCD with her cleaning habits she often has red and dry skin on her hands but after using the ECover Zero for just a  few days it eased the itching and redness and tackled the dirty pots like a boss!! She couldn't be happily and i think I've finally managed to convert her to a more 'organic' cleaning lifestyle and at just £2.09 it well worth the swap.
Here's a little about ECover if you are yet to discover them;

About Ecover

With a fruitful history going back over 30 years we suppose you could say we have OCD when it comes to cleaning, well it’s true we have a healthy cleaning obsession...
We have an answer for all your cleaning needs, an answer which would get top of the class when it comes to doing the job – for sparkling dishes, cleaner clothes and beautiful homes.
Not many brands boast their own state-of-the-art factories, factories which craft exceptional cleaning products in a completely sustainable process.
Some people think you can’t be green and really clean, but we’ve proved them wrong!
With over 30 products for your home, laundry and dishes we lead the way versus our petrochemical counterparts to bring you and your family exceptional cleaning (without compromise)
You see with Ecover it’s not just your laundry, toilets and kitchen surfaces that stay fresh and brilliantly clean – the world stays a little cleaner too.

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  1. I am using Ecover cleaning products, and I'm happy.
    WASHING I plan BUY.