Friday, 24 May 2013

Allotment.. 2 week update

So we took on our allotment two weeks ago now but with the yoyoing weather i haven't had chance to spend a whole day there but in the two days i have actually managed to get up and spend a few hours digging through the jungle its slowly but surely coming together and is almost ready to start planting out, albeit with plug and not from seed but I'm playing major catch up here!!

I'm here with the large child making our first start, as you can see jungle wasn't an over exaggeration!

Day two without the child, managed to clear almost all the jungly bits in the bottom half which means i can begin plating on Sunday weather permitting.

It's really exciting watching something grow this way, we have a small patch at home and a couple of chickens but a transformation in such a small space doesn't have the same amount of impact.

Regular updates will continue throughout the summer, cant wait to show you our first batch of goodies.

L xx