Thursday, 30 May 2013

Table to bench tutorial

After perusing Pinterest as ya do, I fell across several tutorials for refashioning tables into seating and  luck would have it we needed a seated bench for the girls AND we had a vintage table hiding out in the shed that we hadn't used for a while so i popped on down to Dunelm Mill for some foam and dug out a vintage toddler bed duvet cover that didn't fit the girls bed anymore and i got to work with my staple gun and my trusty hot glue gun.

 Here's my lovely, and very long vintage coffee table. I think I would of liked to have painted the legs first but I also love the retro wood.

I cut the foam, which is 1 inch thick to fit and hot glue gunned the foam to the top of the table.

I didn't over hang the foam as many of the other tutorials say purely because i didn't have enough foam in one piece and secondly because Dunelm Mill didn't stock foam large enough to cover it in one go and i didn't want to have a seam down the middle.

This is the gorgeous fabric used from the vintage bedlinen, half was large enough to fold in half and staple down with enough overhang which has covered the colour of the foam perfectly and added a little more comfort.

And finally here is the final look!!

I love it!! AND its comfy which took me by surprise if I'm honest. I hope to make another one with a 6 inch foam and large enough to have an over hang that i can use in the hall way for putting on shoes etc, a really easy craft, only took me an hour start to finish and really cheap, was just £6 for the foam and everything else i had.

Give it a go, a really lovely addition to the home and practical to.

L xx