Monday, 11 November 2013

Psychologies Magazine - A Review


I had never come across Psychologies magazine before i was approached to review the new look copy. Sure I had seen it on the shelves before but i had never gave it much thought.
Mainly because i had no idea of the content but it just never screamed at me from the shelf, well i tell ya, if like me you have been passing it by, you are missing out.
It is crammed full of news, reviews, books, film, art, ideas ... the list is almost endless! It isn't stuffed full of adverts like many popular magazines, which to me is a massive selling point, there is nothing worse than flicking through half a magazine before you actually find something suitable to actually read.
As i have never read an issue before it had a face lift its hard to say what in fact they have fixed but in my opinion they have struck a home run. Its informative, it reads great, the interviews are relevant, even to me and i aint no fashion mag reader, give me a cup of tea and a craft mag any day! 
Its one of those that you take to your comfy chair, with a brew and a cheeky biscuit when no one is looking and simply loose yourself for an hour, taking in all the beautiful photography and gripping stories, there is even recipes nestled away near the back!

If you want to try a copy for yourself they are currently offering a fab deal for 3 issues for £3, yeah 3 for £3!!! Especially at £3.90 a copy this is one of those deals where you would be mad not to!
You can find it here 3 for £3 offer available at

I hope, like me you will never pass by a copy of Psychologies mag again! * Adds to shopping list*

L xx