Friday, 8 November 2013

Save the Blow Dry - Review

Have you every had your hair done, or spent hrs hunched over the bathroom sink attempting to pull off some extravagant hair do before a big night out only to realise, after you are finally happy with your creation and you've lost 3 hrs of your life and you are now officially running late, that you need to shower! Yeah i hear you all scream in sheer panic! Well fear not, there is a new item on the market that claims to save you from yourself, Save the Blow Dry.
When i was asked to review this i have to admit i was a little excited, i have short hair and with 3 young children finding the time to style or straighten my hair each day is a real pain in the proverbial so this was something secretly i had been praying to the ethos for.
I shower (well if you can call it a shower when you have a line of small voices on the other side of the bathroom door asking where this is, can i eat this, can the dog go out... you get the jist!) So as a mother I'm fairly time strapped.
But honestly, with this i can style my hair at 5am (yeah we have a puppy, its like having a baby all over again!) then shower at 8 when everyone is up and i know i won't end up with crazy mum hair.
Its a beautifully soft micro weave inner that sucks away any moisture inside the cap allowing for frizz free locks and its an epic pink colour with a vintage flower design protective outer, granted with not much hair and a tiny head it did feel a little on the large side for me but for all you girls with long luscious locks there is plenty of space to tuck it all away and to top it all off it lived up to expectations. It didn't ruin or flatten my hair and it kept it super dry and just as it was when i put it on.
I can see this really taking hold in bathrooms all over the world, i mean who has the time these days to waste in front of the mirror, girls there's a world out there to take over, put down the straighteners and don the Save the Blow Dry!
And not just here to make you look fabulous, Save the Blow Dry support Khandle Light, a charity supporting communities in India, providing safe drinking water, each Save the Blow Dry sold through their website directly funds two weeks, yes TWO WEEKS worth of safe drinking water for a family.
Whats not to love?
You can find more about Save the Blow Dry here
Or about Khandle Light here

Until next time..

L x

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