Thursday, 6 February 2014

Seasonal flu and feeling sorry for yourself

I haven't wrote a ' personal' post in some time, I don't know if it's been a lack of motivation and inspiration or just that well things haven't been epically shit enough to have a moan about.

I have the flu! It's that seasonal type flu people go on about, its swept through the rest of the family like some plague and as a head count goes we are now up for 5 of 5. I feel like death and I'm only on day 1, middle child is into day 7, she's still snot filled, the out look doesn't look promising.

I feel slightly lacking as a person,  this is not flu related, this is people related. Again, even at 31 I've fallen prey to the 'sure I wanna be your friend' * actually read, *I'll pretend to be your friend whilst it benefits me then I'll be mean in an indirect way, enough to emotionally whip yourself so you naff off and I don't have to be associated with you again* trap of "friendship", actually "FRIENDSHIP" you can officially C*CK OFF!

So this is me, moaning, craving cake and wondering why men can't take a sickie to nurse their poorly, emotionally damaged wives?

L xx