Saturday, 26 February 2011

Featuring... B Organic Skincare

B Organic Skincare was founded by Aycin, mother of one beautiful little girl, and began trading in June 2010.  B Organic Skincare was created out of necessity.  Her daughter was born with severe eczema and for several years she suffered with it. So much so that Aycin and her husband, would "often hear her crying in the night and we would find her bleeding where she had scratched in her sleep". Something that many parents with eczema sufferings will relate to and the associated heartache as you struggle to make them comfortable. 
Frustrated at the short-lived relief prescribed products would provide and organic products that still contained damaging chemicals, other than SLS and Parabens which are absent, Aycin set about researching the matter herself. After reading about how other cultures deal with skin conditions and speaking with experts, Aycin created what she believes is the gentlest organic skincare and bath products range, made with the best certified organic ingredients she could possibly find. Their products are not only organic, but free from so many nasty chemicals. All our products are suitable for sufferers of eczema and sensitive skin.

The Soothing Body Balm is their star product and best seller. It soothes and nourishes eczema  and any skin irritations including nappy rash. They receive amazing reviews on their gentle organic products, but the Soothing Body Balm will be receiving some awards very soon. It is suitable for babies and adults, can even be used on the face. It should be called magic balm as it works wonders.
B Organic Skincare will be available nationwide in the Pharmacies and Health Stores very soon. In the mean time you can shop directly from their website