Tuesday, 22 February 2011

LFW.. I was there!!!

SO I'm pretty much recovered from the awesomeness that was London Fashion Week! Ok that might be a slight exaggeration as i only attended The Look Show but still i totally fell in love with the champagne lifestyle even if it was only for a few hours!!!
I wasn't completely alone, i met the beautiful Rose from @tmntanning whilst in London, it was nice to have an ally!
Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine and even though i don't do the whole trend watch and follow along like a sheep i love having a good nosey at what inspiration i can take from it and adapt it into my own personal style and look. There wasn't an unglamorous person there, well apart from possibly me, and people watching was high up on the list of activities, along side sipping champagne of course!! Celebs where pouring through the door like a leaky tap and quite honestly the whole CELEB thing doesn't really float my boat. As much as you can admire someone for doing a job like theres i don't see what all the fuss is about! I was stood right behind Shane ward for a good 10 mins before i realised i recognised him, he could of been anyone quite frankly.
Though the one thing i am jealous of is their wardrobe!!
I mean check out that jumper, its defo on the want list!! handmade by her mate too..a designer of course but still AWESOMENESS!!
Shall i do some name dropping now while no ones looking...

I'm sure none of these famous faces need an introduction :)

The one thing i did notice while i was there though was the serious lack of jewellery!! But maybe that was just me.
So here's a few snaps from the catwalk show... for me it didnt really do it for me! i was totally uninspired but the lack of imagination shown and everything was the same style and cut just in a different colour! paper bag trousers seemed the key piece for spring and summer on the high street but for me personally i look like a bag of potatoes!! They didn't suit me last year they hell as like aren't gonna suit me this year! I liked the cute preppy look with the Polo's and cardis... something i CAN pull off so ill be keep my peepers open for pieces i can steel!!

 look geek chic!!

So that's pretty much it! I had THE best time.. i met some really lovely people and it was most defiantly an experience i could easily repeat, so for all organisers for next years shows... I'M FREE TO ATTEND!! I do wanna say a huge thanks to Lana Lain i didn't get to meet the lovely lady on the day... we seemed to pass like ships in the night but without her i wouldn't of gone so a huge thank you sweety and to the lovely Rose, thanks for keeping me company.. i haven't laughed like that in a LONG time!! :)

L xx