Wednesday, 16 February 2011

London Fashion Week

So there I was checking my emails early last week and there it was, shining like the holy grail..You have won Look Show tickets!! AGHHHHHHH!! i bet you all heard me scream! Now from this, what would seem rather insignificant email, has brought about a multitude of problems and headaches. Firstly my plus 1, which of course in this situations has to be your best friend! my best friend is a teacher, a teacher who works at THE LOUSIEST school and due to their CRAPPY POLICIES she had to RAIN CHECK me. You don't RAIN CHECK London Fashion Week?! I almost cried into my tea... So i picked myself up, dusted myself off and asked about, surely someone was free on the 18th Feb. turns out no, every man and his bloody dog had a prior engagement that day. Ill say it AGAIN....YOU DON'T RAIN CHECK LONDON FASHION WEEK.  But as it turns out that was the least of my worries. Then came the row with the hubster. It wasn't the row i expected, mostly the rowing was from my side cos i didn't agree with his .. shall we say.. ADVICE! Apparently attending London fashion week for.. as he says.. a jolly that would not be beneficial for MY business therefore should not spend the £75 and a whole day to watch some girls in mirrors and tin foil! You'd think after 6 years he would of got the general jist about fashion!! But after DISCUSSING (cough) it we called a truce and i told him i was going! So then we got to the time, ticket price and mode of transport. I chose train, he figured plane, a toyed with the bus but eventually we all agree train! £75 and 3 hrs but needs must... ITS LONDON FASHION WEEK!  Sat here now .. (this is totally off subject so be warned).. writing this makes me wonder if ill be THAT girl that EEKKS at absolutely EVERYTHING! I'm not an armature,  i have attended the Birmingham Clothes Show Live 3 years running so i basically know what to expect but the giddiness of a day off alone in London with clothes and champagne.. it doesn't look good!!
ANYWAY.... after choosing times and stations i eagerly awaited my tickets.  They came Saturday, after almost deciding i wasn't going to attend... I know i know... ITS LONDON FASHION WEEK! but its like a squillion miles n hours on the train on my own and coming back is by the skin of my teeth if i make the train on time! But when i saw those tickets with my name and CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION on i figured, what the hey!!!
So its now Wed morning and nerves are starting to kick in. Ive decided to buy tickets on the day now, but I'm more concerned about my outfit! I have absolutely NOTHING to wear!! i can scrape together a dress or skirt combo but the shoes avaid me. My big furry Ugg boots are the comfiest shoes i own but hardly high in the fashion stakes, they where bought for warmth and comfort not style and elegance! So I'm sat here quietly crapping my pants that, as per usual, ill be the weird kid no-one wants to talk to, am i bothered? not so much, I have spent the last 28 years being the weird kid no-one talks to. Do i want to impress the hardcore fashionistas? WELL... maybe just a little but ill hardly be loosing sleep over it. So raise your tea to London Fashion Week and this nerdy kid that will be attending... ill keep you posted!

L xx