Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NEW Pretties

Got some shiny new pics to share with all of you. As always items are available straight away when ordered direct through me but if you dont mind waiting a few weeks then they will be available online from our shiny new shop :)

Our first limited edition collection is these tiny wooden hand painted rabbit jewellery. This one is a lovely mossy green with pink spots and is a ring

This little beauty is white with green spots and is a lepal pin/brooch.

And these gorgeous white shaded rabbits are cute earring studs, these are also available in pink. These are a MUST for any rabbit fan and are spot on with the Woodland theme thats doing the rounds with my own twist!

These gorgeous little handmade clay heart buttons are from Cariad Clay, who have a gorgeous little Etsy shop. I have had these for some time now and ive never been happy with anything ive made with them until now!  A gorgeous artisan take on the tradition charm bracelet brings this beautiful silver plated twist chain with a row of 7 hearts.

This is another charm bracelet as above with a different lay out. With this you could fill the space with any charms of your choice or with pearls with a new twist on my multi pearl bracelets.

I bought these in a charity shop  a few weeks ago and fell in love! the style and shape are just amazing but from age and wear the wire cages where are all worn and the pearls have some discolouration and wear to them. i put them on new earring posts, which are also vintage, and re painted the fancy fillagree cages. i havent touched the pearls to keep that old well loved look but would be THE perfect addition to a wedding outfit or for a special event. They are long but hang beautifully and i personally wouldnt wear them for day wear but they are a MUST!!

I was asked by a local cake maker to design some cake toppers for her wedding cakes and to advertise in her cafe which has really sparked a desire to create wedding jewellery. Here is my first EVER hair side. it has a little row of pearls, in this cage very light pink and a red pink tone in a smaller size and i have attached a gorgeous vintage brooch. its still a rough design and this is a prototype but i amazed even myself :)

And finally my MAKE OF THE WEEK this week is this gorgeous caravan cross stitch brooch. These arent for sale but i wanted to share this with you as i LOVE it so much!!! It will be taking pride of place on my Funky Diva Design tea cup bag :)

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment and if you need to drop me an email at lizipants@yahoo.co.uk

L xx