Saturday, 9 July 2011


so with the launch of our new site creeping closer and closer I've been thinking a lot about packaging and supplying an over all LOOK of my items when posting and for selling at crafts fairs.
Ive finally decided i will be creating more season ranges instead of one off items for the new shop too as i do think i miss sales because people come back looking for an item I've already sold and even though the opportunity is there to have it custom made people tend to go for the easy option!
i will do a few items as one offs for trials etc to see how they sell and the custom design feature will still be available ON ALL items but i think i will find it easier to work with as well as shoppers to find what they are looking for.
Now the big thing is packaging.. I've tried so much already, cards, pillow boxes, jewellery boxes, pouches, organza bags.. you name it I've tried it but for the new shop i need to choose something and stick with it.
I have however decided that there will be a deluxe gift wrap service available where you will get a tag, card and a fancy box/bag/whatever! For craft fairs i think I've settled with the jewellery mounted onto branded jewellery cards inside a plastic clear bag with a business card attached, so can be passed on as it for a gift or just for yourself. But for general sales through the website i still have NO idea where to start. Needs to be practical to post, strong or sturdy so it doesn't get damaged in the post. Ive been using little cardboard boxes wrapped in brown paper so the contents don't get damaged but from time to time they still do even using teddy bear stuffing as a filler! I've also used jewellery boxes in jiffy bags so you don't need to be home to receive your package but there was more damaged items than good ones that way!

So with that in mind i set you, my readers a challenge..
The best packaging idea will win an item of their choice
Now go... u have 1 week!!!

to enter simply comment below :)

L xx

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  1. I think in my hurry the post got mislaid. anyway tins!! vintage up of course. this company sells tins i love the tobacco tins but the mini tins would work. with the pics i sent u. shaby them up a bit will look fab. the tins are about 40p each. not cheapest packaging option but unique!

    whenever i receive jewellery in pretty cardboard boxes i just end up throwing them away whereas tins we could use for something else. and the jewellery would be protected in the post.

    alternatively u could trawl ebay and car boots for real vintage tins.