Sunday, 3 July 2011

Things im in love with right now...

So I've been bad AGAIN and not blogged for like a squillion years and my pics of pure yumminess is seriously mounting up so i figured with a spare 10 mins ill do a little feature of the things I'm loving right now...

Was browsing "Making" magazine the other other and saw this FABULOUS bag! but me being me Ive asked the amazing FunkyDivaDesigns, Anna is on Twitter and Facebook and will soon have her own dedicated store away from folksy and the sort, to make me one of her own style in similar fabric. But in the mean time here's the pic of the bag in question!

As some of you, that follow on Twitter especially, will know is that chic-unique is having a total re brand and the most amazing, talented and outright awesome @Diddybears is currently in the process of totally from scratch designing my store to swap over to the service, I've had one to many nightmares with Mr Site to put up with it for much longer but having a total design phobia she kindly offered to help me :) But anyway, I've had some new acrylic pieces designed for me with more coming soon for you to have a sneaky peak at!

 Ive been struggling to find mounts big enough to take these huge cameos for a while so i decided to have some especially made for me. They can come in any style and colour and varying sizes so from now on ill probably have all my cameo mounts made for me. They look amazing and add a whole different level of handmade.
These GORGEOUS ( and yes i have nabbed a set!!) stackable acrylic rings are made in one piece and come in 3 different sizes, There is a choice in style, that I've had made as a trial run (24 available at present) tress, rabbit, butterfly, bow, deer and hearts, also available in a choice of colours, blue, pink, green and orange ( but any are available to order!) They are £6 each and available to order direct through me at the mo and will be coming to the new site shortly!!

and finally my charity shop buy of the week... i believe its a 50s silver plated, faux opal bracelet and at a whopping £3.75 ill be wearing it for the foreseeable!!
Thanks for having a nosy...
hope to see you again soon..

L xx