Friday, 30 September 2011

How do you SWISH?

Swap For the Environment / Spend less Swap More /  or Swapping is the New Shopping

Clothes swapping (swishing) encourages recycling, it is a fun and affordable way of getting nearly new or sometimes new items but without the expense. The concept of recycled textiles dates back about two hundred years back, it was first made use of in Yorkshire Dales, England.  It is estimated that over 1 million tonnes of textiles and clothing are thrown away each year having a negative effect on our environment.  At least 50% of the textiles we throw away are recyclable.

SITCUK host clothes swap events with a relaxed social fusion of fashion, style and fun helping to encourage the recycling of textiles and for each event a donation will be made to a selected charity. In exchange the guests go home with an arm full of new items! Each guest brings 5 to 10 items of never worn or worn only once items. These can be clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories. On arrival you’ll receive a ticket with the number of items you have brought along which is to be exchanged for the same amount of items to take home. There are 2 rounds for swaps which allows you to try on items in between and with competitions, cosemetic boutique and food to be enjoyed it makes for a great social evening out.
It’s best to get your £10 ticket in advance with a glass of wine and goodie bag on entry

The launch will be held Thurs 13th Oct 2011 at The William 1V , Harrow Rd, Kensal Green London NW10 5JX
Bring your items from 6.30pm-7pm Swaps start 7.30pm

Tickets are available here: