Saturday, 17 September 2011

In the Spotlight-Slabads

Hi I currently help with a small business called SlabAds & do my best in bringing new business to the website, is a new unique website for low-cost Business advertising, connecting people & business to bring the best quality service & goods locally all over UK. I attract new clients everyday to come along see the website in action & let them know that we promote, market & proactively look for possible business for our clients.
I must thank Jim & Irene for the opportunity as the business is very much a 3-way team, Jim creates & designs, Irene administers with the additional contact with clients, I work souly on bringing people & businesses to the site, as well as providing ideas on going forward.

I work full-time & have my wife & 5 kids to support too, this is difficult to concentrate fully on SlabAds, but I try doing most of the contacting after work, we're hoping when the income improves for the company, I can do the SlabAds full-time and meet more clients to promote & market more.
I really enjoy selling the product(SlabAd) because it let's me meet lots of people, & this is something I've always been very comfortable with, speaking over the phone or emailing just doesn't have the same effect,& you can really put your trust in someone or know if they are confident in me & my product, if you meet face to face.

The difference with SlabAds & other advertisers is quite a lot actually, but we strive on building relationships & make sure our clients have exactly the service they deserve, we are very low cost @ only £25 per year with no clauses, Our advert is unique which gives Customers a glimpse of what website they will be entering, images are taken from the clients website & added to the Ad template, any offers or promotions can be added, We promote every client everyday(sometimes more than once) 7 days a week via Twitter & Facebook, we also have a twitter live feed page to show our clients the promoting we are doing for them.

Clients can relax when they Advertise with SlabAds because its cost effective, easy to use for all, you can create your own if you wish, we Guarantee traffic to clients website & our website is fully written in SEO to create a much better search listing for all included in SlabAds, all this for only £25 per year or if you would like a larger chunk of the page its £50, We also help with website design & offer an excellent pay monthly scheme to get your business up & running.

Together WE are Stronger!!

John -