Saturday, 3 December 2011

Handmade for Christmas

Taking on an entirely handmade/preloved christmas was no easy task, with very little time with schooling the girls, running La-Chic-Unique and all the other things life throws at you there are still a few outstanding gifts to finalise and of course they have to be for people i barely know and have always been a nightmare to buy for!
But with a few flashes of inspiration i came up with a few bits that i hope you can also take inspiration from and create something beautiful for your loved ones this christmas.

Ive seen a lot of handmade crayons around at the mo especially on etsy, and even though I've not had the inclination to make any before, being stuck for christmas gifts for an 8 yo boy that is a spoilt brat isn't just annoying but you feel your efforts are falling short.
So armed with a silicone ice cube tray and some broken crayons i figured, what the hey all kids like to colour in!
Now this was a first attempt and i think i left them in a little to long but i reckon with another go they will be spot on!

Im kinda impressed with how they have turned out but we need to perfect them before they are bagged and tagged ready for christmas!

Ive been making  paper heart canvases for some time now and having made a tiny one for the girls room and to take to craft fairs, my big ones are TO BIG to carry! i had a spare canvas and whilst tidying away in the office i had an awesome idea! BUTTONS!! Any initial in any style is do able on this size, and would make a beautiful new baby gift or for a wedding and most importantly for christmas! Just lay your buttons out how you want them to look and use a hot glue gun to secure them down. Inexpensive, personalised AND totally CUTE!!! and best of all you could use entirely recycled items!

And if you had a large canvas and piles of buttons you could do words and names!! Still much cheaper than buying a printed canvas or gift for a wedding etc. These may be making an appearance on Etsy after christmas.

So theres a little bit of festive inspiration, if your stuck for a few last minute gifts whip out the craft box and get creating, you never know what you may come up with!!!
Remember christmas isn't about cost, its about sentiment!

L x