Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Is Christmas stressing YOU out?

Now I'm usually a total last minute girl when it comes to Christmas and its as bad as it is good. The added stress and pressure of finding those special gifts at the very last minute but the early Jan sales can ease the money pressure. This year we opted for as much as possible, a handmade xmas this year and I've been finished for over 2 weeks now but with the big day looming i seem to have acquired a twitchy eye. Its yet to disrupt my sleep but the days and quickly falling away and I'm terrified of forgetting something! If you to are worrying about the big day, give this a read;

23rd December, Officially the Worst Night’s Sleep of the Year
  • Money worries & missing shopping deliveries keeping us awake
  • Week before Christmas described as “stressful & busy”
  • On the 23rd December we get the least sleep
According to research by Dreams Beds, the 23rd of December is the night we are most likely to lay awake in bed, worrying and missing out on sleep, in the run up to Christmas day.
With our wallets and purses tightly squeezed this year, it comes as no surprise to find money is the main cause for concern for 51% of us, closely followed by worries of presents not arriving on time. The younger generation have more money worries on their mind, with 54% saying their thoughts keep them awake, while the over 50’s sleep more soundly.
The survey, commissioned by Dreams Beds, asked 1000 people about their sleeping habits in the run up to Christmas. It found that 45% of us tend to stay up later; either partying the night away or wrapping presents. The rest of us tend to wake up early and, as a result, feel tired for the rest of the day. 
When asked how to describe the week before Christmas, no festive cheer was to be found, with 89% stating they were busy and stressed. Only 7% find this week relaxing!
A divide between counties was also uncovered too, as those in the East Midlands will be rising earlier than all of us, on average between 5 and 7am on Christmas day. Those in the West Midlands are more likely to worry about gifts not arriving more than any other region. With many of us not making it to our beds until well past midnight, we’ll be getting much less than the recommended 8 hours’ sleep.
Nick Wood, from Dreams Beds, said, “The results show it’s not just eating a big meal that sends us to sleep on Christmas day.  It’s important to get as close to 8 hours sleep as you can, so try not to worry about things that are out of your control, late at night.
“We recommend preparing as much as possible, in advance and sharing responsibilities within families. Most importantly bedrooms should be kept present wrapping free; it should be a peaceful haven at the end of the day.”
Tips and advice on sleep and dreams can be found here 
Visit the Dreams Beds site here
I don't know about you but the last time my bedroom was a peaceful place was before we had kids! I will however be giving the advice careful thought for christmas lunch!! •Runs off to pre prepare christmas lunch•