Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 19 We Baked

Today had a stressful start.. we finally had the meeting we have been waiting for, for months about what support they can offer at school. Everything went better than expected and it has really put my mind at rest and FINALLY i have found what all that niggling was inside for the last few weeks! i almost feel reborn i feel that relaxed right now!!
I always clean or bake when im stressed and after 2 hours talking to people that didnt know emma and how wonderful she is i felt i needed both! i gutted the house AND did a mammoth bake!
I made Jaynes perfect cookies with fudge pieces AND made fudge muffins too and for a quick distraction before tea for the girls i let them decorate some.

As you can see PINK ICING! who doesnt love coloured icing on their cake!!

This was Zoe 's (almost 2) attempt, it did have a cherry on the top but she gobbled it up while my back was turned! I believe she has a cupcake maker in her!!

These wonderful Willy Wonka esque creations came from Emma! Think ill need the hoover at the ready after she's had one of these!

And these calorific cakes our by Elissa! Shes painfully skinny btw not that you could imagine that after seeing these!!!
So whatever inspires you.. find it and get baking, let the kids get messy and most importantly of all dont worry about the cleaning up and LAUGH! its amazing how something so trivial can bring so much joy to everyone!!
The caterpilla/monster/alien cake we made for Elissa for her 5th birthday was THE BEST cake ever!! (ok i throw my hands up it wasnt the best exicuted cake you have ever seen and the decorating was a bit to be desired but we had to reinact said cake for months after wards so couldnt of been that bad!)

L xx

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