Tuesday, 14 June 2011


At present i seem to do a LOT of moaning.. yesterday was the kids with chicken pox and before now I've had a good old rant about well ANYTHING but today has seriously got my goat!!
I can hear you all now sighing deeply but my two pet hates for the day have been none paying customers and none returning of emails!!
I'm not a name and shame sort of person (plus they may read my blog and that would totally be ARKWARD!!)
But i often get asked to make special customer requests which are usually for holidays or a special occasion and i ALWAYS jump through hoops to make sure its EXACTLY as they want it, if not ill change it!! So when you get the go ahead on a design to make it WITH matching items its exciting but you also expect to be paid for this work! i don't charge a fortune and ALWAYS double check with the customer before going ahead with anything so off i went made this AMAZING set and well I'm still waiting for payment, this goes right back to the beginning of the year and despite 4 promises of payment in the post tomorrow it still hasn't arrived and now I'm being completely ignored. I wouldn't mind so much but she is a crafter herself, I'm sure she wouldn't tolerate this if it was her goods she was waiting payment for!
So would you just pop it on the website and sell it or hold onto it indefinitely? I hate the idea of selling it to someone else but i also know that's the BUSINESS way of doing things, if it had been in a shop it would of been up for sale the following day... (grow some balls woman!!)
Now none returning of emails... i don't always have access to the mac during the day with the kids and what not under my feet but i have one of these new fangled devises where u can pick your emails up any time of the day, and best of all it TELLS you when you've got one! so can someone explain to me why some people find it impossible to return your emails? i mean you wouldn't pick up the phone and just say nothing would you? You wouldn't open the front door and just stare blankly with your gob open to your visitor like some sort of pig ignorant zombie?
So as you can see I'm kinda riled by today, I've had nothing but bullshit, ignorance and brick walls! i even had the strangest convo regards a sale item...not mine there's... totally wasn't the response i expected but for once i kinda just said it how it was! i mean FFS! (was that to cryptic?) also GREEDY FUCKER came to mind to but i wasn't quite THAT honest!
Sometimes i just don't GET people, why they do and say the things they do and why everyone is after making others feel shit or after ripping them off.

I TOTALLY worry I'm not cut out for this.....

L xx

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