Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Products

So to lift the mood after the aftermath of moaning I've spent the day jotting down ideas and sketching (I've not picked up a pencil to draw in over 10 years!!) and I've decided that i am going to design and make some little branded gifts for the website.
i was thinking some cute hand printed wrapping paper and cards that can be bought for a few quid with jewellery that's for gifts at check out.
i also thought about some cute button magnets, a pack of 4 possibly for a few pound.
Maybe some little cross stitch badges
Also i thought a pin cushion, i have a fab idea with cross stitch for one.
Maybe some silk screen printed tshirts/vest tops, knickers and socks.
And lastly some writing paper.
All in a new skool tattoo style working with the swallow and roses theme, adding in the odd cameo etc. All stamped with Chic Unique so its 'official' stock. All will be very affordable but takes the shop that step further into a boutique as we are diversifying .
Would love to hear your comments about this as it will be a lot of work making up large amount of stock etc.
Thanks guys

L xx


  1. You've got some great ideas there hun, I'd certainly be interested in buying, look forward to seeing what you come up with x