Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 23

The last 48 hours haven't been my finest hour at all. Yesterday was supposed to be the summer fair of all fairs... we go along to this massive high school gym full to the rafters of gifts, crafts and goodies. doors open at 11.30 and.... well nothing!! Not a sausage... tumble weed for 4 hours then i loose my temper and we leave!! The general consensus was RIP OFF CENTRAL! For me though i felt incredibly done over! Now i know you shouldn't take these things personally but i jumped through hoops to get that spot and for what? 3 nosey old ladies and someone offering spots at another fair!
This however seems to be more to my liking, Urban Craft Fairs and stalls are only £10 and they are quite regular so 23rd July we will be at Thornton Methodist Church. Fingers crossed there wont be tumble weed this time!! The silver lining to my monstrous FAIL of a fair was a 4 hour catch up with my best friend, yes there was laughter, there was tears but most of all it was adult conversation! A whole day with no TV, tears, tantrums and dirty nappies! That in itself was worth the £12 i paid to spend the day sat in a freezing cold gym with no customers! Maybe sometimes you just have to see beyond your initial disappointment and make the most of a bad situation :)
Coming home to  smothering cuddles was also a total plus point to my day! If only i could get that once a be a new person in no time!!
You may have noticed my mood has lightened its about to turn...
Monday morning comes and low and behold Lis has whacking great big red itchy spots on her back... me and MR Geek Pants debate their origin for half an hour then i call the school. School shriek and ban her from the premises! Slightly over reacting but i often feel like that about my kids too ;)
Come lunch time they have bred under a rock and are as scary as earlier. I thoroughly check the other kids, Zoe has one whack bag in the middle of her chest... GREAT!
Several websites later and a consult from Mr Geek Pants colleague....CHICKEN POX!
Fucking marvelous!!! There goes my relaxing holiday at the weekend and under house arrest for a WHOLE FRIGGIN WEEK!!
Now you would think this isn't so bad... that thought had crossed my mind a few times over already today BUT... by Wednesday they are gonna be bored, fed up, tired and all round grumpy and with MR Geek Pants working the whole week as we go away on Fri i have no time to run screaming for the hills to regain my sanity!
At the moment they are eating me out of house and home and enjoying CBeebies reruns and i sneaked in an afternoon snooze while Emma napped on my knee... this wont last.... I'm terrified!

Now i know before you all shout at me.. i missed my Saturday makes and yes i did make pretty things for the girls bathroom I'm in the process of redecorating, BUT i did paint the stairs and the banister THEN in a delirious state deleted ALL the pics i took of the personalised towels and the mini beach hut wreath i made. yes GUTTED but ya know its set the mood for the week!

AND to top all this off i am SERIOUSLY considering selling Chic Unique and starting over!! MENTAL was what the majority of twitted shouted at me but i will continue to sell wholesale to my loyal little outlets and have a few more lined up but i spend so long working and designing and for very little return if I'm honest. i spend more time giving away for this that and the other than i do selling. Now custom orders however sell by the bucket load, but i spend a fortune on branding etc and the website doesn't really pull in enough sales to renew in Nov.
Ive been considering just reselling for pennies and focus on my sewing...bonnets are going by the truck load and i have done the odd little project here and there at wholesale which is really exciting especially as i haven't even set up shop so to speak yet. I just don't know whats best for me...I'm having a "WHO THE HELL AM I"episode and someone really needs to slap me in the face!!!

L xx


  1. SLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is that better?

    You'd be silly to sell your jewellery business. We all hit bumps in the road, why don't you just step away from the business for a week or so, see your little ones through the hell that is chicken pox, grab as many restful naps as you can. Failing that lock yourself in the garden shed and scream at the top of your voice, have a nice G&T / glass of wine and demand that Mr Geek Pants cook you dinner because you're only human and that you need more of those hugs, more regularly!


  2. oh much thanks!! yeah i think i might put the shop on holiday til we come back next week and finish my sewing and forget about it for a while! yesterday sent me squiffy.... pass the vodka!!!

    and thanks... xx

  3. ***HUGS***
    Think you need way more cuddles than slaps! Love what you do and think you have done so well! As Pussy Galore says: Just a bump in the road! It will get better!! ~ Cxxx

  4. AWwwwww thanks sweety really means a lot!! feeling much more focused now, i have a list as long as my arm to sort out but i think once i tweak all these little things possibly things will run more smoothly!