Wednesday, 22 February 2012

TUTORIAL: DIY Vintage Necklace

We all like something a little different when it comes to jewellery so why not give this really easy Ribbon Necklace Tutorial a go and create your own one off piece...

Recycle Vintage chocker tutorial

Tools and equipment:

2 meters of 2cm wide satin ribbon
Ribbon ends with a hoop
Cutters or another pair of pliers
Broken piece of vintage jewellery
(i used a large ornate bracelet that was missing some stones that i could get replacements for but any charm with side hoops will work)
2 jump rings and a matching clasp
A short piece of chain and a single bead or charm of your choice
1 head pin

1:  Cut your satin ribbon into two equal lengths and press so smooth out any kinks you may have. Mine was taken for an old item of clothing so needed ironing before use.

2:  I used my pliers and cutters to pry the smaller of the charm off the bracelet. You may simply just need to use the cutters or pliers to cut off or open a jump ring.

3:  Thread the ribbon around the open side bars and pull through so they are of equal lengths on both sides.

4:  Neaten the edges of the ribbon if required and pop the end caps on and close tight with your pliers and pull the ribbon to ensure it doesn't slip through, use super glue or hot glue gun to secure the ribbon in place if required.

5:  Attach your jump rings to either hook at the end of your ribbon and attach the clasp to one side.

6:  On the opposite side attach your short length of chain.

7:  Pop your head pin through your bead, if using a charm just attach a smaller jump ring to the top and attach to your chain,  hoop it round and attach to the stretch of chain.

8:  Fasten and wear with pride!!!