Thursday, 23 February 2012

TUTORIAL: Lace covered Candle holders

Theres nothing like sitting by candle light but fancy holders are always expensive, however pretty they are!
This tutorial will show you how to create your own using items you have in your craft box or just around the house.


Glass jar (large with a wide neck or a small one would work to perfectly)
mod podge (or homemade which is just half pva glue and half water, and mix)
and a small paint brush

Step 1: Wash your glass jar making sure you remove all/any label that may be stuck to it.

Step 2: Dry thoroughly

Step 3: Measure your glass jar and cut your prefered fabric of choice to the right length, making sure the ends touch and only just over lap, or not at all if possible and this will give you a better finish.

Step 4: Coat your jar with the pva and water mixure.

Step 5:Carefully lay the fabric youve chosen (i chose a pale pink lace trim as i had plenty spare to make a few with and i have a huge thing for lace at the mo!) onto the pva/water mix and line it up with the bottom on the jar, pressing down and making sure its level all the way round

step 6: Cut another piece of your chosen fabric and repeat the process. I used the natural curve of the lace to match the pieces together for a unified look.

Step 7: Apply more strips until the glass is completely covered from top to bottom and you are happy with how it looks. Now cover entirely over the top with the pva/water mix to ensure every part of the fabric is covered, the fabric may shift slightly at this point so be careful not to twist or upset your design.

Step 8: Now leave to dry for a few hours then turn over, otherwise all the glue will run down to the end its stood on, this allows the glue to distribute evenly giving and smooth look at the end. Now leave over night to fully dry.

Step 9: Insert your tea light and enjoy!! (you could also use the wide church candles in a lovely wide jar)

I hope to see you all creating these beauties!! They would be great outside in the summer at BBQ's or for center pieces at weddings etc.

L x