Monday, 20 February 2012

TUTORIAL : Dorothy Inspired Shoes

We all like a touch of glamour in our wardrobe and its even better when you can wear it everyday!! And this is possible for ANY kind of shoe so grab the glitter and an old pair of shoes, the comfier the better, and get creative!!

Dorothy inspired Up cycled Glitter shoes

As my nothing new for a year challenge restricted me on my epic date night with my hubby outfit i had to improvise… and quick!
Armed with a few quid, some charity shop found fabric and an old pair of white brogues i created a vintage inspired outfit to die for!!
However my shoes got talked about more than my dress!!
So heres a quick tutorial on how to up cycle yours or your little ones shoes to sparkle!!

An old pair of shoes/pumps/trainers/heels… WHATEVER!
Glitter colour of your choice, though do make sure you have a few tubs. I bought mine from the £1 shop.
Mod podge or pva glue. if you do use pva glue make sure you have some spray adhesive hanging about or you will leave a trial of glitter wherever you go!
A paint brush
Shoe laces, ribbon or tulle to match your glitter choice.
Masking tape

1: clean the shoes of any loose dirt and dry.

2: Remove the laces, you could dye them if you have some matching colour dye hanging around.

3: Place masking tape in any areas you don't want the glitter to cover, i just did around the soul but you could use stickers to leave a pattern or shape unglittered.

4: Now for the fun part!! Apply the glue of your choice, liberally all over the shoe or work in sections, whichever suits you.

5: Sprinkle your chosen glitter of choice all over the shoes making sure a lovely deep coverage.

6: Tap gently to remove any excess after a short drying time.

7: if your happy with the coverage leave over night to dry. if not wait to dry then apply another layer.

8: once the glue is fully dried use your ribbon etc as shoe laces, tie and wear with pride!!!

i used tulle as my laces as it was all i had on hand and i made them the night before we went out. i was however very happy with the look as it gives a really full bow and they where my birthday shoes!!

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