Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Childrens Jewellery Making

As you know i have mini, girl people, 3 of in fact and like all mini people they enjoy getting stuck in! Especially my mini people, and nothing much gets past them!
So this morning while i was finishing my rainbow cluster bracelets Emma came to join me, so i handed over some beads and some string and left her to it! And while i was preoccupied with my own creativity look what she made!!

Now for 4 years old (obviously she didn't tie it off) She rivals a lot of these "newbies" that are knocking about at the mo trying to enter the market! Maybe i should hire her as staff!!
And as usual the others then jumped on the band wagon and so i let Zoe have a go!!

ok so Zoe is almost 2 and of course didn't string this but she chose all the beads and the order, kinda funky if you ask me!!!
Which now of course has given me an awesome idea for children's jewellery kits to make at home with mum, or dad, or big sister/brother! or any other "responsible" adult!
Watch this space for new children's jewellery kits!!

L xx