Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sept Countdown

For all my mummy readers i can imagine you are creeping towards the end of your tether (i know i am) with having the kids incessantly nagging at every possible opportunity so the Sept countdown begins!
With only 2 weeks to go for me the nerves are also starting to set in.  This will be Emma's first term at 'BIG' school and as excited as she is I'm absolutely terrified!
Now i know her support is all put in place, the t's have been crossed and the i's dotted but every time i look at her i can't stop worrying!
Am i doing the right thing by her sending her to mainstream school? It doesn't matter how many times people say to me, " its whats best for Emma in the long term" i can't help feeling I'm making a mistake!
Now, knowing me as i do, i know i am completely over reacting! i know she will love it, i know she will flourish but she's my baby and she's not ' school ready'!
She is still refusing to use the toilet at home, as much as her language skills are progressing beautifully she still isn't talking as id like for her age, and as we are STILL waiting for appointments regards her health we are just stuck in limbo while they get their finger out their ass and sends us an appointment!!
So for all you first time school mums out there, breath deep and practice not crying!! As in a few weeks that tiny person will suddenly not need you quite as much ... it'll be a sad day indeed!
Also...WOOHOO we'll be able to drink a whole brew thats still actually warm!!!

L xx

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