Saturday, 20 August 2011

Shiny New Shop

As some of you may know, some of you have been waiting with bated breath while the rest of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, finally our new shop and re brand is up and running with a massive great big, bear hugging thanks to the most wonderfullest person Diddybears .

She has turned my painfully, style struggling Mr Site online store into an all singing, vintage, parisian feel wonder store with her design genius!

I can, hand on heart, honestly say i am totally in love with what she has done style wise with the shop. Especially when using the frame its exactly what i had dreamed it would be. It captures the unique beauty in my jewellery and makes it more marketable and accessible for all to see.

Its grown up but pretty and its easy to get lost browsing through the pages of up cycled and vintage jewellery i currently have for sale.

Its let me move a little further away from those like styled items on the web at the more and made it that little more unique to me.

I can now offer more than just jewellery too, gifts and vintage clothing and accessories will be coming soon. As soon as i have stock piled enough to make it worth while offering!

Possibly cake pops and cards, all handmade from other small businesses, will also be available!

This month has been quite successful in way of opportunities, even though sales have been very thin on the ground with the summer holidays in full swing!

We will be offering a subscription offer in Vintage Life Mag, which will be available around christmas time!

We have been at Earth Salon again supplying jewellery for their goody bags.

We have started working more closely with Carrot Top PR.

Our ad will be in Septs issue of the London University Guide.

And we are sending some fabulous goodies over to Daisy Green Mag for a review.

So all go here, loads of charity auction items off to be raffled off for some fabulous causes and new items in the pipe line!

So what ya waiting for, dust off your credit card and set off browsing our shiny new shop

L x

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