Saturday, 6 August 2011

Handmade year entry approx 3 months

With the school holidays now in full swing i seem to have found a whole new love for this again! i have been really good tho and still only buying from charity shops where i can and making gifts etc and bits for the girls.
Today i have been on a total roll! Ive made a start on Emmas school bag. I did intend to buy her one off ebay, the Cath Kidston oilcloth ones are DIVINE!! but i also had a thought maybe, for her, having something completely one off would help her find her bag when at school without having to struggle to ask to find it.
I used an old skirt in a gorgeous brown tweed then used a roxy summer kaftan i had "outgrown" lol for lining. I had found the tutorial on the net but when i came to use it i just kinda did my own thing! I'm really happy with how its turning out, as i have never made bags before (scary!!) I just need to press it, sew on the straps and I'm going to make a cross stitch monogram button to sew on with a giant E on so she knows its her SPECIAL bag!

i tried my hand at making a little coin purse for Elissa, as she's going thru that, 'I'm a grown up' stage! Im not 100% happy with it but its cute and it doesn't matter if she looses it!!

i used a skirt of emmas she has outgrown and used a little scrap of rose fabric to line the flap, it has a little velcro fastening. i didn't use a template or anything i just cut it out and hoped for the best! lol

My bargain of the week is this fabulous leather, topshop doctors bag i picked up for £6 in a charity shop. Slightly more than id normally spend to be fair but i fell in love with it!! Tho it is HUGE and could quite easily pack essentials for a day out!!

And finally for today, i up cycled this old bar stool i had lying around for my sewing machine as my large chair i use when making jewellery isn't the right height for my machine. This however is perfect. Its been primed then painted with a very pale pink emulsion then i recovered the hideous seat with cream spotty oil cloth! however, i ran out of staples when i was almost finished so it isn't pulled as tight as i would normally like but its easily replaced!

Well its almost feeding time at the zoo, i hope something has inspired you today!

L xx