Sunday, 21 August 2011

Repaired vintage pieces

It seems not many of you know, but La-chic-unique also undertake all kinds or costume jewellery repair work even on vintage.
Even the smallest jobs like replacing stones or fixing broken links or clasps. These are real bug bears to jewellery wears, especially costume jewellery, as the high street items aren't generally finished off well as they are mass produced so many links will be loose and the clasps damaged before you even get to wear it but fear not, for just £1 an item to repair clasps or links this is the cheapest way of keeping hold of your treasured costume jewellery.
I also repair vintage costume jewellery, so the same again with missing stones, links and clasps, as these are the things that will break first.
I also up cycle, which means you can send me a broken piece, which is unrepairable and refashion it into something else that you can continue to love for many more years.
To utilise this service please use the contact for at La-Chic-Unique or alternatively email me at

So now you know the services i can offer you, how about checking out some up cycled vintage jewellery?

This beautiful vintage engagement ring, is sterling silver and the shank has been gold plated. there is no wear to the shank or damage. absolutely beautiful condition for its age, circa 1940.
The stones will be paste or glass (a vintage version of CZ) but are all secured into the shank with no damage.
When i bought this it has a stone missing but i have replaced it so is now clean and in tact ready to give to your vintage loving hunny or just for treating your self.
A beautiful alternative to a modern engagement ring and if it wasn't to big for my tiny fingers you wouldn't be getting to see it!! POA and more photos are available upon request.

Next up is a beautiful ornate silver tone hair slide. Its on the large side but has simulated pearl in the centre and some cute cabochons on both ends. One side had a missing pearl and I've replaced it with a contrasting blue one, looks really stunning. Perfect for a bride or brides maid, or just for the vintage lover.

£8 including postage.

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