Monday, 15 August 2011

Daily Lust

so with autumn creeping in (my god hasn't it been chilly for aug?!!) I've been dreaming of chunky knits and riding boots.
I've found (through hours of ebay shopping!) i am totally in love with preppy style this season, with its heritage patterns and materials with chunky knits and tan leather.
maybe its the country bumpkin in me trying to escape, or i see myself as a skinny beauty, head to toe in expensive clobber (I'm not btw!), i don't know but theres something about Jack Wills that is TOTALLY floating my boat right now!
From the new Autumn collection (and the preview is ITTY BITTY!) this blazer has to be my all time have, i just wish i could justify the £229 price tag and I'm totally in love!

Beautiful classic tailoring with the double breasted fit. MUST RESIST......

I discovered Joules not long ago, (also from scouring ebay!) and OMG! Again with the hefty price tag but the quality is amazing and their classic cuts are right up my street! (yes i know I've said that before but well, I'm getting old and i wanna look like i haven't been ravaged by 3 pregnancies and years worth of sleepless nights!)

So my faves from their autumn preview are these two beauties.

Im totally in love with gilets right now, i don't know how practical they really are, I'm yet to own one! but they are totally gorgeous! Especially this one from Joules. £99.95 i didn't think was overly expensive for this, the cut is amazingly flattering and the detailing is amazing, brass buttons, flashes of sued and the pockets are to die for!!

I am totally lusting after this mallard jumper, so cute and casual and a childish take on an classic icon. This will set u back £69.95 but seriously who doesn't want this!!!

Ive been wearing Abercrombie and Fitch for years, yes even before every chav and trampy girl on the planet jumped on the band wagon!
They detailing is amazing and the cuts are so flattering its unbelievable! The sizes can be a bit off with them manufacturing everything in US sizes but find what fits and stock up cos they last for an eternity!!
This however has to be my fave sweater at the mo...

Slightly shorter than i like but with some tan straight leg jeans and loafers... HOT! It is however £150 but will see you through every winter for the next ten years without blinking an eye!!
Now please excuse me while i find some to die for flats to go with my new outfit!!!

L x

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