Monday, 15 August 2011

LetterBox Collage Review

The wonderful people over at Letterbox, sent the girls this amazing Collage Kit for them to review, its here on their website.
Now to be honest, i think i had more fun than they did!
The cute little box had all the goodies, lovingly wrapped up inside ready to use.
As you can see they where a little eager to get started!
This is what the website says about this cute little kit.

Create your first collage with this cute kit

A box full of crafty bits and pieces for first collages ?four envelopes contain all the pieces you need to make and decorate each cute animal character template and there are easy to follow picture guides and a glue stick. Age 4 to 8

Our youngest is 2 and she had a whale of a time with this! She struggled a little getting the larger pieces to stay stuck with the glue stick but apart from that all three girls from 2 through 7 thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this, including me and I'm 28!!

There is wonderful, clear instructions to follow with lovely images for none readers to follow. Which by the way was really helpful for my 4 year old, having additional needs she felt confident following the images without my help, if only all toys, games and art kits would follow suit id be a VERY happy mother.

It took us about an hr to complete an animal each. We didn't rush and i dragged it out for a long as possible, but there are 4 cards inside so easily an afternoons crafting if you are clever and make them take time with each step etc.

They where very pleased with their finished creations and the younger two did take all the pieces off before the glue dried and replaced them a few times which gave them another hours worth of enjoyment.

These kits are available from Letterbox for just £12. They include everything that you need to make the four animals included in the box, including glue and straw etc.
The quality is outstanding and this would make a beautiful gift for a birthday party as well as a rainy day at home.
I urge you to get one, i even kept the box it came in for art supplies now their finished pictures are adorning my fridge!
Fun was had all round and as a mother i was really impressed with the quality. Most kits we have had in the past have been cheap materials and end up ripped and tatty and thrown in the bin within minutes. With these they look great even if they haven't been stuck in the correct places and seeing them up on the fridge the girls really felt proud of the time they had spent on them.
This defiantly something i would personally go out of my way to buy and i would happily give and receive as a gift.
A huge thanks to Letterbox for letting us have lots of fun with this wonderful kit.

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