Thursday, 6 January 2011

Being featured...

SOO.... How exciting are things right now for Chic Unique?? Well to start with I am being featured on a few blogs by some wonderful women, who by the way well deserve a follow on Twitter!!
The wonderful @shellibobbins is featuring me on her blog after ordering a gorgeous pink pearl charm bracelet that we are both very exciting about :)
I did a button bracelet giveaway for the amazing @ms_sublime 's blog when she reached 100 followers and as you can imagine within 48 hrs she surpassed her target!! YEY for 
its a lovely read and everyone should defo follow!! 
I am also due to be featured on @superamazingmum 's blog after she ordered the very delightful Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace and we have joined forces to offer a very amazing Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet that will be on her Blog soon as a fabulous giveaway!
I also have some fabulous flyers going out into @babysigningmum 's good bags for an employment fair she will be attending in Feb, the photos for which where supplied by the super amazing @shotbylucy!
Another blog feature coming soon by @missdolly for purchasing and very kindly happy to review a gorgeous vintage inspired telephone necklace.
And finally , PHEW can you tell i've been busy??, I have a lovely ad going onto @redtedart 's new blog!!!

This is the amazing charm bracelet coming soon as a   giveaway for @superamazingmum 's blog.

And this was made for the very lovely @ms_sublime

There will be 3, yes 3!, giveaways coming soon first for reaching 20 followers and the winner will be chosen at random, photos coming soon! keep youre eyes peeled and pls follow :)

Thanks for reading....