Monday, 17 January 2011

Sweet Tooth.. featuring @sweetjunkie

As some of you may already know..(yeah you know who u r!!) i have a terrible sweet tooth!  My biggest affliction being CAKE! and yes right now you're all sat there thinking god she must be fat! Well sorry to disappoint but no, even after 3 kids and gorging I’m still only a size 8! much to my own dismay!
Right where was i... yes, when i saw a tweet pop up on my timeline from @sweetjunkie asking for bloggers to take part i more than jumped all over it! I’m a sucker for sweets.. yeah defo got fillings!!.. and retro sweets just close the deal for me! then on top of that being sugar free..lets just say i almost passed out from hyperventilating!!! so as you do i answered the tweet and to my surprise they very kindly offered to send me some to try for a review on my little humble blog :)

Well, they arrived swiftly and well packaged, (in fact we where out when the post man came so i had to send the hubby to go collect them for me on a saturday, he wasn't best pleased especially after waiting in line for 20 mins!!) , and i couldn't wait to open them! they are all individually wrapped in clear plastic bags with a fabulous sweet junkie stickers,  they where beautifully box and wrapped in brown paper,so retro and so very cute, i fell in love straight away!
i put them aside for a time when i was child free for more than 5 mins then opened the sour apples... my total FAVES anyway!
Well, OMG they are gorgeous!!! lovely full flavour, total childhood flash backs and definitely kinder on the hips as well as the teeth! 
Being a sugar addict i did worry they would lack that taste and punch of full sugar sweets but i was delightfully surprised that even after five mins of sucking these beauties, the flavour lasts and you really wouldn't know they where sugar free!
Their website is the cutest thing ever! It has a vast array of sweets, all sugar free of course, and even has a dental advice link!! The sweets are all fabulously priced and even with postage starting at £3.95, for how well and beautifully wrapped they came i would happily pay that for a box full of retro sweeties! They even have a request a sweet! How cool is THAT!!! AND... you can even pay by Paypal!!! What more could you actually ask for, fabulous sweets, fabulous prices and more payment options than you can shake a stick at! OMG they even do sugar mice!!
just excuse me while i rush over and spend all my pennies..... see ya there!!!
 @sweetjunkie are on twitter, follow them now and get all your fabulous sweet needs catered for by this fabulous company :D