Wednesday, 12 January 2011

time flies...

sorry ive been AWOL for a few days, sometimes life just totally gets in the way!! its been a weird old week already and its only Wed! The hubby got some good news at the beginning of the week, ive had interesting things pop up all over the place (im not gonna mention the paypal rage!), our guinea pig peppa had her first litter of babies yesterday all 4 are perfectly formed and look like right happy campers! Em enjoyed (a lot more than i did!) her taster sessions at pre-school and will be going mon n tue morning for the foreseable! I never thought i'd be saying this considering Em's prader-willi but it never phased her!! I know shes a resiliant little might, always has been, but having never been away from me before i worried she wouldnt take to others looking after her, WELL... yesterday she toddled off with toast in hand n i got  a half hearted wave! Thats the thanks i get after all the years wiping her bum, washing her face... a half hearted wave, i dont know whether to be proud or heartbroken?!
Made my 4th sale the other day of 2011...slowly creeping towards 300! :) had an order through the fabulous place of Twitter after posting a pic of something i made for someone else so cant be bad (tho it technically doesnt go into the sales count until money changes hands :) )
so as u can see i lead a pretty high flyer lifestyle, well if u consider tea and cake after the school run high flyer!! ;) though even with all its ups and downs, tantrums and tears ( and thats just me ;)) i love my life and my ever growing family of factory seconds :)

L xx