Thursday, 27 January 2011

Featuring Jess Heath from Raffles Bizarre

Well gabbing away, as you do, on twitter just the other day i stumbled across this really lovely lady, Jess. We got tweeting and I discovered she too makes jewellery, so off i popped to check out her designs, yeah im nosey!! And OMG!! Her statement necklaces are to die for and puts my work to shame ;) So I asked if she'd like to be featured on my little ol blog and here we are. 

Heres a few words from the lady herself...

I've been running Raffles Bizarre for about four years now and am always working on new pieces or jotting down ideas. I get inspired by absolutely anything, I'll be watching a horror film and have to scrabble around for a pen and write down an idea. There's a very diverse style throughout my work from Alternative to Kitsch, Nautical to Vintage. I create jewellery using my own illustrations and photos, by recycling old jewellery or using obscene amounts of pearls and beads. It's a cliche, but there is something for almost everyone, and if not, I also do commissions.

Button bib necklaces
I have a few other button bib necklaces on my website but these two are by far my favourite. They are made entirely out of buttons, in fact I almost completely used up my extensive supply of big buttons in making these. They hang from an adjustable chunky chain and sit nicely across the chest, they're not as heavy as they look but are definately eye-catching. I have plans to make more of these and have been keeping some 80s pins and vintage clip on earrings aside for the purpose.
Nautical button bib - £15 -
Pastel button bib - £15 -

Queen B statement necklaces
Queen B is a seperate collection of my jewellery for those wanting something a little more special. These are primarily necklaces and are made up of recycled jewellery and found objects, both vintage and modern. The price of the items in my Queen B range are generally between £20 - £40 and tend to be my favourite to make such as the three necklaces you see here. I would love to one day be making extravagant pieces like this all the time. I have also done commissions for people in this style where they have sent me their old jewellery, sentimental badges, medals etc and I've recycled them into necklaces, which is always fun for me to work on.
Woodland - £35 -
Circus in town - £25 -
Lost and found - £30 -

Cluster necklaces
I love cluster necklaces, personally I am one for layering loads of necklaces of different lengths, with charms, beads, unusual chains and anything I can find and these cluster necklaces work perfectly if that is your style too. I try and combine unusual charms and favour rustic coppers, reds and browns, but do have some colourful, fun ones on my website as well. A lot of my cluster necklaces will be complete one offs because of the unique charms I find.
Clock cluster necklace - £7 -
Claw cluster necklace - £10 -
Fish skeleton cluster necklace - £8 -

Illustrated necklaces
These are one of my favourite types of jewellery to make. All are made from my own original artwork which are made into plastic necklaces. They are probably my most popular pieces with my customers too. These are three of my favourites, but there are a lot more of them on my site.
Dia de los muertos necklace - £6 -
Goldfish necklace - £6 -
Teapot necklace - £6 -

As you can see for this small selection from her gorgeous website she's not your average jewellery designer and I'm almost afraid to say i have ENVY!! So grab some pennies and head over there for a 1 off piece to be proud of!
Thanks to Jess for agreeing to be featured and dont forget to follow her at these places: 

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