Tuesday, 25 January 2011

fashion... what does it mean to you?

Well this is clearly DAYS late but after watching Mary Portas's new programme the other night I've not been able to stop thinking about FASHION!! i know i know its not something i usually ramble about here, unless its a total faux pas, but none of you will know but i have many a qualification is fashion design and styling and my childhood dream was superstar stylist! but as it turns out that wasn't the path i turned down and many a moon later here we are! But what does FASHION mean to women these days?? I wonder and ponder away many an hour on this as i believe style is something so unique that it cant simply be captured in a few key pieces. Picture the scene, Saturday afternoon in your local shopping centre, now how many young girls are sporting exactly the same top, skirt, jeans dress...whatever!! too many for my liking!! Whatever happened to unique and individual? even the emo scene has lost its sense of individuality as they all look the bloody same too!! Maybe I'm just getting old, i mean i am nearly 30 as the hubby likes to remind me on a daily basis! but as I've grown and matured, like a fine wine of course ;), my style and individuality has matured too. i love my cute quirky skirts and dresses and adding my ever so loved vintage touches to modern fashion, yeah they are all comfy and practical and nothing above the knee (now did i just say that out loud?? i sound like my mother!!) but i stand out like a flashing beacon at picking up time at school. I look round and there are many stylish and well dressed mums there but nothing yells WOW LOOK AT ME I'M NOT BLENDING INTO THE BACKGROUND! Have we all just fallen for that throw away fashion? are we all to tired and busy to care? or is it just that no-one wants to be that kid ppl stop and stare at? Well stop and stare at me as much as you like cos i ain't blending into anything!!!
Now go ladies and try something different today, it might just make your day :)