Thursday, 13 January 2011

not so yummy-mummy

i'll set  the scene, me zoe n emma sat on sofa watching australian come dine with me eating choc digestives, phone goes.... fabulous lis has been sick at school.
As u do u throw on coat, shoes kids in pram..(well the kids in pram part took a while longer than anticipated, emma coat n shoes shes ready, i turn my attention to zoe who runs off leaving a stench behind her, GREAT! chase after fore mentioned stench change and clothes, coat and shoes on)
..only to find emma has changed coat and now has lost the shoes (i think shes more style concious than the rest of us :) )
so finally after wrestling with these 2 for 10 mins we are out the door and power walking the half mile to school. Its amazing how long 15 mins feel when ur picturing all the possible states im about to recieve my daughter in.
Arrive at school, hot, flustered, out of breath and slightly desheviled to find aforementioned and worried about daughter dancing about  full of the joys of spring.
I thank the lovely receptionist have a quick natter n hurry back home full of thoughts of hot brew n finishing my biccis!!
I then unload kids, uncoat and shoe kids and flop on the sofa for a minute before heading off for the kitchen to make tea!! only to realise that i rushed out of the house that quick that i went out in my scruffs, (hubby is on the 12pm start so with no need to leave the house at 8.30 this morning i threw my trackies n an over sized shirt on, only to not offend the post man!)
i hadnt brushed my hair (having a pixie crop brushing tends to be neccassary!!) and from all the naughty gorging before rushing out the house amid these fashion faux pas i missed the choc crumbs down my face! OH BLOODY FABULOUS!! the only thing that made this that little less tragic was it wasnt picking up time!!! I would of DEFINATLY lost ALL playground style respect!!
So that happened to me this lunch time, how was ur hr off???

L x