Friday, 7 January 2011


well i dont know about you but i need a good old fashioned MOAN!! i suppose i shouldnt really, cant really say i have an awful lot to complain about, we are all (well apart from emma with her prader-willi syndrome) healthy, we arent skint and we're all happy :) but sometimes its the things that dont matter that really bug the life right out of you!
Seting up a ' business' on my own with no help or funding is a bit daunting but ive jumped right in and its not gone t*ts up like i imagined it would and after the storming xmas i had the jan lul is a bit scarey! i have made 1 sale so its not all bad and its a step towards my 300 sales for the year..which by the way now seems a squillion miles away!!
BUT there is also a squillion things i NEED to buy to push chic unique out there! I need business cards, post cards, huge stock supplies, more beautiful photos by @shotbylucy and i need to make a start on my wrapping! But it all seems to be stuff thats just a pinch outside my budget and Im not one to do half a job, i mean whats the point if ur going to do it do it well!!  I seriously dont want a business loan or loan of any kind really, i dont want to start out in debt! and from what i've read grants are out! So its sales sales sales i need and quick!! Vicious circle, better photos etc bring more sales but need sales to get better photos etc.... maybe asking to review things is a step forward in return for honest blogging :)
(NOTE: anyone reading this that wants free advertising for the aforementioned goods please drop me a line :D)
What?? to cheeky???
Hahahaha you dont get anything these days if your not willing to ask!! I also wouldnt mind a celebrity endorsement but possibly a step to far ??? haha
Well so much for my moan, turned into a bit of begging actually!!
Lunch is cooking, kids are playing (im not sure what but theres no tears so im happy), and its snowing outside but atleast we are tucked up warm inside, for now!
I just wanna say tho, ive met some really lovely and fantastic women on twitter of late and its definatly increased my faith in the human race... not all are out to rip you off!
so ill leave it there..for now.. think i hear the timer buzzing...