Saturday, 22 January 2011

Things i bought this week...

This week I've had a few sales so inadvertently treated us all to some goodies, and i even got some goodies for FREE!!
To start my buying frenzy of a week my lovely hubbys valentines prezzie arrived from the awesome @BootiesByDannie I cant tell you what it is or it will spoil his surprise so SHHHH! I will indeed put you all out of your misery after the big day :D
Then Tuesday brought me a fabulous bar of chocolate from the ever so kind @goodnessdirect . Its called Divine and OMG it sooo totally is!! The milk chocolate was lovely rich but smooth and didnt become sickly or over facing and the tiny hazelnut chips where exactly the right size so not to get stuck in your teeth! It was a fabulous treat for a tuesday after lunch and between me and the two littleies it was gone within minutes!! I would definitely recommend this beautiful chocolate to anyone, and its fairtrade AND free from all those nasties you normally get in chocolate, i mean what else could you actually want but more of this stuff??
Wednesday brought my utter gorgeous GIRL tshirt from the ever so talented @acidembrace I was pointed in the direct of this on sunday last week and after a few mins browsing i couldnt help myself but buy this amazing tshirt! It came wonderfully packaged and quick delivery and the perfect fit, you wont hear me complaining but will hear me running back to buy some more!! i highly recommend you check it out, they do accessories, mens wear and bags too :)
Fri brought me THE cutest handmade, from socks can you believe it, guinea pig! In honour of our peppa having her first litter just over a week ago :)

He is gorgeously stitched (even better than mine ;) ) and so soft, he has the cutest little character and the kids keeping fighting over him!! i think we may be heading back to see @DSquiffy for some more of these cuties... for the kids of course!!!
Also on Fri i got my gorgeous print from @MoreThanWordArt !! Im totally crazy about what these guys do, its so much fun as well as being very personal and is an amazing gift or addition to your home, id have one in every room if i could!! Im holding out on a photo purely because i want it in its place before showing you all and ive not even made a start on the bedroom decorating yet! hahah but please do stop by there store and happily peruse all the lovely art, words and general loveliness! 
And to top off my wonderful week of receiving is this...
No not my beautiful 4 year old emma, ive had her a while now ;) but the most adorable Mr Tumble crocheted toy!! The wonderful @BootiesByDannie, the evil temptress she is, started making these just this week and when i saw the pic pop up on my feed i was there first thrusting my pennies in her general direction! We are big Mr Tumble fans in our house, for a many number of reasons, and seeing emmas little face light up this morning was worth so much more than what it actually cost to get one in our home! I think you all need one and should rush over there right now and all throw some pennies at her!! (I just have to say tho his little bag comes off, and hes really cute and i think i secretly want one too!)
So that pretty much concludes my fabulous post this week.... I just hope next week can follow suit or i think ill be pretty disapointed!!

L xx